Amrita TV’s ‘Golden Challenge’ Offers A Gateway to Riches

Amrita TV Golden Challenge

Amrita TV Golden Challenge

Amrita TV’s ‘Golden Challenge’ Offers A Gateway to Riches

Golden Challenge is an exhilaratingly challenging new game reality show from the entertainment line-up of Amrita TV ,that has been imparting the evening air waves with a golden glow since its launch on May 10th.

Telecast every weekday from 7.30-8 pm, it is a treasure trove of a show that offers priceless opportunities to win a fortune in gold. Meant exclusively for families, it has parents and children pooling their brains to tackle questions that will fetch them  instantaneous prizes in the form of solid 22-carat gold coins.

Diverging from the usual quizzing format in which the quiz master and contestant lock eyeballs across a table under mounting tension, Golden Challenge is set in an informal atmosphere amidst a backdrop of banter and humor.

The comedy element emanates from a noveaux riche gold jewelry shop merchant, who in a fit of philanthropy decides to give away some of his wealth. Rather than gift it freely, he devises a ‘game of quiz’ in which ‘deserving’ families who answer a few questions can win it as prizes. Together with his assistant he sets up shop on the stage with real gold coins sparkling on his counter.

20 families selected through auditions will try their luck in this classic quizzer that is a gateway to instant riches with 2 families featuring in an episode.

Each family will face 5 questions apiece on  topics which can be about anything under the sun. Even if a family fails to answer, they will neither be punished with negative marks nor be disqualified.

As the contestants ponder over their questions, the gold merchant and his side-kick will keep up a steady stream of asides, wisecracks and witticisms, even try to ‘help’ them with misleading clues.

Every correct answer will win them prizes of mint fresh 1gm pure gold coins which will be presented right away, then and there on stage. The more questions the competitors answer correctly, the better their chances to line their purses and fill their lockers with gold. The group that scores maximum will pass on to the next round .

The programme is a gold mine where a participant who comes equipped with nothing more than a headful of common sense, a set of strong nerves and a soupcon of general awareness are guaranteed to strike gold.

It is the first programme in reality show history in which the contestants don’t have to wait till the Grand Finale  to receive their prizes; it is delivered immediately, on the spot  providing  an unique instance  of  immediate gratification of effort not happiness delayed indefinitely.  In Golden Challenge, the proverbial pot of gold is not at the end of the rainbow but a windfall received after every correct answer.

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