Amrita TV Pads Up For IPL Countdown Hungama

IPL Countdown Hungama

IPL Countdown Hungama

Amrita TV Pads Up For IPL Countdown Hungama

As the Indian Premiere League fever grips the entire cricketing  world  and  the 3rd season of the Ultimate Cricket Carnival reaches half-way down the pitch,  Amrita TV   joins in the celebrations with a blistering six of a programme – the IPL Countdown Hungama that will be telecast at 7.30pm from the 19th of April .

IPL Countdown Hungama is a cameo quick-fire question series based entirely on the Indian Premiere League of 2008 & 2009 that will go over the competitor’s cricketing knowledge with a fine toothcomb and pick his brains on the facts and figures relating to cricketing  stars and their records.

The contestants who have been handpicked from the summer camp conducted by the Kerala Cricket Association, are budding young cricketers on the threshold of an international career for whom cricket is religion and  who eat, sleep and breathe cricket .

Like the condensed form of the league matches, the IPL Hungama will be a limited-edition version stretched over 5 days.  Each episode will be referred to as a ‘match’ and the rounds as ‘overs’.

The selected contestants who are expected to be all-rounders in their cricketing

know-how will be divided into 4 teams. As they take their guard at the crease, they will face a flurry of questions bowled by the anchor that will contain googlies, bouncers and  dooseras. Designed to test  the contestant’s knowledge of the results, scores and statistics of the matches the queries  will try to clean bowl them or trap them plumb in front.   The starting over will be about cricket in general. The 2nd expects the players to identify cricketing personalities. The 3rd will be based on cricketing records. In the 4th,the team selects a Cricket star and faces  questions relating to him. The final over will be a Celebrity over hosted by a prominent cricketer.

The player who has played the best knock of the day will be given to the Man of the Match award. After the players pull, hook and  cut the full tosses and  flippers through their allotted  6 overs, the total scores of each innings will be tallied. The team which has been caught on the back foot with the lowest score will be eliminated and the other three will pass on to the semi-finals. The Finals will  be a clash between the best 2 teams. Prizes will be awarded to the Winner and the Man of the Series who has the best batting average.

For the enthusiasts of the gentleman’s Game, who are brimming over with cricketing data IPL Countdown Hungama offers a rare opportunity to play the innings of his life and bat his way to fame and  riches.

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  1. Gowtham says:

    The hype in the air, and ipl is almost there. With the entry of kochi and pune teams this ipl may have some more fun than the last one. Thanks for the article


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