Amrita TV Launches The 1st Regional Language Website In Kerala

Amrita TV formally inaugurated its official Malayalam Web Site

Amrita Tv Malayalam Website

Amrita Tv Malayalam Website yesterday on Chingam 1st, which happens to be the Malayalam New Year day.

This pioneering venture is the first time that any programme channel has attempted to launch a full fledged,  feature packed web site in its regional language running parallel to its English counterpart. opens to a state-of-the-art design that offers access to detailed information about the vast line-up of Amrita TV’s programmes in different genres from reality shows, serials, news features, life style, heritage, health, spiritual, travel ,movies ,chat shows, ecology, satire and comedy etc ; a comments column at the bottom of each programme page where Malayalam comments typed with English alphabets will be converted to Malayalam font; programme schedules for each day of the week ; details of  Amrita TV’s special shows for the Middle East and the US; information on its cable networks in every region of the world; blogs, communities etc .

Even as the Keralite makes impressive advances in nations around the globe and makes himself comfortable in alien cultures, he seems to be losing touch with his own mother tongue. Malayalam is slowly beating retreat from the minds and hearts of Malayalees at home and abroad.

It is against this backdrop of the Keralite drifting away from his roots that Amrita TV launches its Malayalam web site. It is an effort to revive Malayalam from the limbo into which it has fallen, an endeavour to resurrect it from certain oblivion and to help the Keralite keep his ties with his native tongue intact.

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