Nanma Malayalam – A Run-Up To On Onam Amrita TV

Nanma Malayalam – A Run-Up To On Onam Amrita TV

Nanma Malayalam

Nanma Malayalam

Nanma Malayalam is a colourful curtain raiser to the State festival of Onam, that unites Malayalees across the globe in a ten  day long joyous feast of  music, dance, food  and flowers. Scheduled to go on air from August 15th , it will be telecast Monday to Friday at 7 P.M.

An extensive prelude to the fiesta, Nanma Malayalam conveys the essence of Onam by presenting the vibrant hues, lilting rhythms and piquant flavours of this centuries old celebration heralding spring.

Said to have originated somewhere around 800 AD, Onam is at once a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest as well as an exuberant commemoration of the yearly return of a mythical king. Whatever the roots of its origin, there is an entire history of artforms associated with this magnificent carnival. Nanma Malayalam journeys through the rich landscape of conventional and classical arts- the musical traditions, dance forms, folk art and  recreational activities identified with the fete, to get a panoramic view of  the significance and evolution of Kerala’s biggest festival.

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It also accesses the nostalgic reminiscences of eminent personalities about the  festival days of their childhood, that endows a pre-Onam aura to the show.

A prologue to a glorious  ancient festival almost as antiquated as Malayalam itself, Nanma Malayalam is  an amazing revelation of Kerala’s fine artistic legacy and enviable cultural heritage.

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