Alavudeente Albhuthavilakku Serial on Asianet

Alavudeente Albhuthavilakku On  Asianet

The new serial depicts the classic Arabian tale of Aladdin and his magic lamp.

Alavudheente Aldbhuthavilakku

Alavudeente Albhuthavilakku

It begins with the story of Aladdin’s forbearers and then goes on to depict Aladdin’s story – his quest for the lamp, the strange events that happen to him while on the quest and how he must fight to keep the lamp and the genie from getting into the wrong hands.

Asianet is all set to telecast “Alavudeente Albhuthavilakku” on every Monday to Friday, starting from 4th October 2010 from  9.30 PM  to 10.00 PM.



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  1. Sooraj says:

    I never use to watch serials.But i watch this serial daily.I like Sharan Chettan Imran bhootham jeembo

  2. subin says:

    Plzzz Telecast this serial

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