Ponnum Poovum Starting From 2 August at 9 PM IST on Amrita Tv

Ponnum Poovum Starting From 2 August at 9 PM IST on Amrita Tv

Cast :  Devan, Jaganath Varma, Shoby Thilakan, Asha, Neena Kurup
Director : Purushottaman

Ponnum Poovum

Ponnum Poovum

Amrita TV’s New Serial ‘Ponnum Poovum’  Goes On Air, On August 2nd
Ponnum Poovum, Amrita TV’s brand new serial  boasting of an imposing line-up of  miniscreen superstars such as Devan, Jaganath Varma, Shoby Thilakan, Asha, Neena Kurup, Valsala Menon, Manga Mahesh etc will begin beaming from August 2nd at 9.00pm.

Directed by Purushottaman, Ponnum Poovum is the riveting tale of the resolute and strong willed Tara for whom life is an  endless succession of crises and predicaments. No sooner does she find refuge from the mishaps dogging at her heels, than the Fates overwhelm her with new trials and  adversities which she tries to tackle with fortitude and determination.

When the story opens, Tara is about to take up a new assignment as a lecturer in a college; due to an unfortunate mix-up she is mistaken for the accomplice  of a hard core terrorist, arrested and sent to jail. The court soon realizes her innocence and she is acquitted. Her professor who was responsible for her arrest, repents his hasty action and tries to make amends by bailing her out  whenever she runs into difficulty, which leads to constant misunderstandings with his wife. The humiliation of being branded a jailbird and the wife’s suspicions prove to be too much for Tara who resigns her post and goes home.

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Tara who is an heiress spends happy days with her invalid mother, but her stepfather who has his eye on her vast fortune, plots to get her married to his nephew. Tara is forced to acquiesce with their schemes but manages to escape from their clutches in the nick of time and flees home.

While on the run, she meets with an accident from which she is rescued by Devan, a wealthy
divorcee with 2 daughters. He persuades Tara to act as his estranged wife who had deserted the   family when the children were barely old enough to remember her. The children who had been denied the warmth of a mother’s love soon accept her and deep bonds of affection develop between them. Just as peace descends, the ex-wife returns to stake a claim on Devan’s life and reunite severed ties but is rejected outright by both her husband and daughters. Nursing her wounds, she waits, ready to strike at the right moment and wrest back what she has lost…

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Meanwhile, Tara’s paramour Mahesh whom she had long given up for dead turns up unexpectedly and  tries to compel her into marriage; much as she is happy at his return, Tara is torn between her long lost love and the children who have become inseparably attached to her…..
To find solutions to the conundrums set up by Destiny in the highways of her life, Tara finds herself traversing paths never trodden by any woman before, in a gripping story that is full of unexpected twists and turns.



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