Amrita TV’s special package for Vijayadashmi



‘Vijayadashmi’, which marks the magnificent culmination of the 10-day long annual festival of Navaratri or Dussehra, falls on the 9th of October.To celebrate this auspicious festival, Amrita TV presents a handful of programmes specially tailored to suit the propitious occasion.The day starts off with a one-and-a-half hour long coverage at 6 am, of the Vijayadashmi celebrations at the famous Mookambika temple in Karnataka; the 25-men crew who have covered over 900 kilometres to reach the temple complex, will rely live the ‘Vidyarambham’ ceremonies that will take place at the Saraswathy Mandappa.

The telecast will be interspersed by video clippings of the famous Rath Yathra of the previous evening, in which the sacred idol of the Devi placed in the rath, is pushed around the Chuttambalam by her devotees. A special edition of ‘Udayamritham’ at 8.30 am, turns the spotlight on the Navarathri celebrations of Travancore.

The grand Navarathri Procession which starts from the Padmanabhapuram Palace, winds its way through the city and finally ends at the Aryasala Devi temple, was a practice started by the erstwhile Royal family of Travancore. The programme examines the 250 year old history of this procession in detail, followed by shots of the procession that continues unfailingly to this day. A documentary titled ‘Vidyarambham – A Documentary feature on Saraswathi Pooja’ that will be aired at 9 am gives an overview of the entire ceremony Vidyarambham , a ritual in which young children are initiated into the world of letters by elders.

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Dr. Poojappura Krishnan Nair explains the relevance of Vidyarambham and how the divine concept of ‘Vidya’ evolved ; the actual practice of the ceremony is shown in vivid detail. The various kinds of Vidyarambha are described, for the initiation is not confined to toddlers drawing their first hesitant alphabets but is of tremendous importance to every artist and professional who submits the tools of his trade –from the yoke of the farmer to the awl of the carpenter- before Goddess Saraswathy to obtain her blessing for the coming year.

Sankarabharanam the legendary musical of the 80’s, starring Somyajulu and Manju Bhargavi with its soul-soothing songs set in the raga Sankarabharanam, that took both the box-office and the audience by storm, will be telecast at 9.30am. ‘Moonamathoral’, a hair-raising suspense movie directed by V.K.Prakash and starring Jayaram, Jyotirmayi and Samvritha slotted at 1.30pm rounds up the Vijayadashmi specials.

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