Sun NXT App Download and Installation Procedures – Watch Surya TV Serials Online

Download Sun NXT App free for watching Surya TV Shows

കുട്ടിപട്ടാളം സീസണ്‍ 2 wrote about that sun network launched Sun NXT App and it’s now available for download. At present this app is available through google play store and apple store. Android and IOS users can use this TV viewing application. We can check the step by step procures for downloading sunnxt application. we can the details for installing sun tv app on an android mobile device. You need to open google play store from device for the same. once installed you can watch all sun network channels through the platform. within short time sun next application crossed 1 million downloads from google play store.

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sunnxt app play store
sunnxt app play store

Installation procedure of the app in andorid mobile devices

Step 1 is search for sun nxt app from google play store. Open play store and search it, type ” sun nxt app ” and search. you will get the page and click on install button, it will list your devices, select and go to installation. check first images for the details about installation.

welcome page sunnxt
welcome page sunnxt

Step 2 – Open app from device for initial setup, it will take some time to download sun tv app. around 18 mb is the file size of apk, depend on your internet speed. from welcome page you can see the options, sign in or sign up. if you are already a member check with sign in otherwise open sign up.

signup sunnxt app
signup sunnxt app

Step 3 -Signup (Register) Using mobile phone or email id – you will get otp (one time password) into your mobile while doing this. fins it and enter the same to go to next step , it’s ask the users to setup payment.

sun next app install
sun next app install

Login to the application

Step 4 – Ste up login password from here, please check screenshot if any doubts.

sunnxt subscriptions
sunnxt subscriptions

Step 5 – Choose subscription plan from here, you can select 30 days, 90 days, yearly etc from here. Monthly charges is R.s 50 per month. first month is free, you can watch sun network channels without paying through this period. complete the payment procedure and complete installation process. After completing the same you can login to the app and enjoy all shows online.

sun network app payment
sun network app payment

Disclaimer – we are not providing any downloadable apk files of sun tv app aka sun nxt. just discussing about the official links and sources for downloading the same.


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