Sell Me The Answer On Asianet – Malayalam Quiz Show Coming Soon

Malayalam Quiz Show Sell Me The Answer Coming Soon On Asianet

Sell Me The Answer
Sell Me The Answer

Asianet announced the launch of the latest malayalam game show. Sell me the answer is the name of the show and its opened registrations. This show is testing your knowledge more than your brain power. You can win upto 1 crore from this malayalam game show. After the huge success of Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran 3 seasons the channel is coming up with a new show. You can register to participate in this quiz show an participate once you selected. I want to register to the sell me the answer ?, how can i enter to this show ?. You need to visit the website and find the register link.


You need to fill the registration form of sell me the answer quiz show. There are the fields to enter your personal, educational, contact details. You can enter the values of all the fields and submit. From the registration page of Sell me the answer you want to enter your Name, Age, Gender, Religion, Place Of Birth, Address, Pin code, Mobile Number etc. Once You filled all the field values can be submit your application for the latest malayalam quiz show. Please be remember that there will be end date for submit your applications. Last date for online registration is Friday 22nd May 2015 at 11.59 PM.

Online episodes

Sell me the Answer on Asianet
Asianet Game show

When Asianet will start the show and Who will anchor the same ?. Its not available at the moment, we will update soon the details here.


  1. Arundhathi says

    i want to participate in the quiz show sell me the answer. i have tried for ningalkkum aakam kodeeswaran. please send me more details.

  2. Liju Koshy Yohannan says

    i want to participate in the quiz show sell me the answer. i have tried for so many shows. please send me your replay my phone 9633418052

  3. viswa says

    Good new game “sell me the answer”

  4. viswa says

    We are intrest people”sell me the answer”

  5. soumyapk says


  6. thamban nair says

    I too am trying to participate in the SMTA quiz to be anchored by Mukesh. But whenever I go to http// or http://www.asianet.smta it does not get the site. Pl help when it is coming in order. Youcan send messages to thambannair123(at) to remind me of the site being opened. thank u!!

    1. Malayalam Television says
  7. Nirmalababu says

    I want to participate in the quiz show sell me the answer.I have tried more time ninkalkumakam kodiswaran.but disappointed.plrase send me your mobile no:9037652232

  8. Basheer says

    I want to participate the programme

  9. beena rasheed says

    Good show.i will participat
    please send me more details.reply my phone number.

  10. fathimathulrasana says

    I want to paraticipat in this game show sell me the answer.please send your more detials my phone number is 9633300651

  11. THAHA K S says

    I want to join this show and i am very much interest to join this show . Could you please send me the all the details to participate the show.

  12. vishnu says

    I am interested in this show please contact me

  13. SHEREENA says

    I want to participate in this programme pleasese send your more details.

  14. preetha l.r says

    I think it is a wonderfull show

  15. Aķhìla says

    I’m one among the 1000 of people who registered in this show sell me the anser and waiting for the results with lot’s of expectation

  16. says

    I have very interest to participate this program give me details 9446924378

  17. shyju k says

    Programil pagedukuvan

  18. Abhijith.R says

  19. lintu joseph says

    I registered yesterday.Whether it was success or not how can I know?I am waiting for the reply from the team

  20. Selency A Sebastian says

    I want to participate in this game show. I don’t know how to take the application form….pls sent me the replay

  21. jeseer says

    I want to participate in this quiz…plese suggest to me

  22. Jamaludeen [Jamalfannan] says

    Wish to participate the SELL ME THE ANSWER QUIZ SHOW. How to register the Name?

  23. Jamaludeen [Jamalfannan] says

    Wish to participate in the Sell me the answer Quiz program. How to register the Name ?

  24. reshma says

    I am intersted to participate in this quiz show .kindly give the all information about this show.

  25. reshma says

    my contact number is …………..

  26. Akhil.P.B says

    i would like to participate in this tremendous show i hope the crew of this show will give me a reply through e-mail.All the best for all the contestents and the crew.

  27. rahul rs says

    I want to participate in this program contact in my email

  28. Dinnadh says

    I’m rly interested to participate in diz show
    could you plz give me details
    7736650194 diz iz moi number

  29. ANUSHA ANAND A.S says

    I would like to participate in this show . I am waiting…………………………………………

  30. shiju says

    I will very interesting to this compatision.

  31. vinitha says

    I would like to participate this interesting programe

  32. babu m.g says

    i like to join this prorramme please inform me through my phone number

  33. thomas says

    thomas m.v.
    mangalath house

  34. juliet joy says

    I like this program so pls inform me

  35. joe tes bin says

    what to do to participate in this show?

  36. SASIDHARAN C says

    very interesiting


    I want to participate in this program .What to do for that ?……My contact number is 9995032167…Really i want to join this..

  38. Sreeraj G K says

    I attended the audition in cochi. Wonderfull experience. Waiting for the call..

  39. sreekesh pk says

    i would like to participate this programme, plz inform me..

  40. Äķhíľà says

    When will asianet publish the result who all are selected to this interesting show SELL ME THE ANSWER…….?

  41. shan says

    i want participate this show pl send more detail

  42. Assim.A says

    I want to participate this show

  43. AUSTIN SAJI says

    i want participate this show

  44. Abdul Rasheed says

    I want to participte in this program…this time possible or not?

  45. Abdul Rasheed says

    I would like to join this program so pls send me about details conditions….

  46. Remya says

    I would like to participate this programme. Please help me

  47. Remya says

    Pls help me, pls help me.ln this l am very interesting.also my contact no is 9745382956

  48. C.A. Mohamed Kunju says

    I have registered in this show. Please call me for the show. I am very much interested in this.

  49. paulose ko says

    The game player and Bargain people .The Bargain people sometimes deceive or giving wrong answer to get big amount of money for one question near about 2 lakh So Game player is out with less money. it should not happen The greedy people if they say wrong answer and accumulate big amount , sure Game player ought get half of money of bargainer .it is not good to give advanced cheque After answering the question The poor game player future is also is considered

  50. Robin joshuva says

    Robin joshuva
    Robin villa
    nallila po kollam

  51. sayaras says


  52. Nimesh says

    Here anybody attended audition, this week?

  53. yamuna krishnan says

    I would like to join this program. so pls participate me.pls help me

  54. yamuna krishnan says

    I want to participate please.

  55. Manu says

    Dear mukesh sir i registered for the show but i never got a n audition call please remember i am ur best friend asokettans i mean thomas kutty inhariharnagar he is my relative

  56. Manu says

    Dear mukesh sir I am manaved i have registered for aipmt but i didnt get an audition call sir i am ur best friend actor ashokettans relative and actor prajod also is my relative please call me my contact no is 9746180584

  57. sheeja cg says

    hello i like to join this programme pls give me more details and help me to join

  58. thomasvargese says

    very interesting mr mukesh you are the best . anchor for this show congragulation nobodyelse . may god bless

  59. assith nair says

    Sir..I watched your show today..u asked a question to the participant-“Who’s the first indian cricketer to score double century”.
    the answer given by participant was rohit sharma.
    Actualy sachin tendulkar was the first person to score 200(2011) then followed by virendar sehwag scored 219 in odi.

  60. PREMA.K.M says

    sir,I attended the audition conducted by you on 5th July in Eranakulam Asianet office and I have above 50percent expectation that you will call me for shooting.Anyhow I forgot to say my qualification at the time of self introduction which I think is a great mistake happened from my side.I am a Hindi graduate and PG Diploma holder in Public Relations and Journalism and I worked in the journalism field for 7 years. I attended the audition after registering my name through online on 4th July.
    I was trying continuously for attending Ningalkkumakam Kodeeswaran from the beginning of the previuos season ie from 30-10-2014.I answered the viewers question (correctly) for the gift prize of Rs.10000/- from its very beginning.But unfortunately I was neither called for audition nor got any gift prize.Stil Iam trying trying and trying.
    The number I used for the purpose was 7560828904 which is in the name of my sister in law.But I am using it for the past 3 years.Any how this time I did not give that number as I knew from Asianet office that the number in anyother’s name may not be called and the number I gave is 9846326403.
    Please give me a chance to attend the programme which is my dream.In expectation of your call
    Prema K.M
    Kozhappathodi house
    Kongad P O

  61. yayathi says

    Sir, Njan eppol E programme kanundanu. but i am giving my openian. 10 questionl oru question kooda answe cheyan ariyada ella answe traders kodthuthu varude sell me the answern kookith jackpotvare ethith jackpot answer trader illadene kondu answe cheyade varude 5.5 lac. preetha pareyuna kasargod candidaten kodthed oru type asianet kodutha bikshe ayipoyi. sell me tha answernde slogan vivr, vikeka buddi and bargain alle. innelethe kalil vivara buddi viveka onnu indayithla only bargaing same type fish market. it is very shame to kasargod people. and asianet. infuture theere vivra illade candidatene select cheyeared. minimum 5 question ayengu avaruthanne parenjag mathar amount kodkano. alleng win aye amount cancel centerlek kodtheng nalle.

  62. juvairiya says

    Yanikk idil participate cheyyan agraham und So plz gv me a chance.

  63. R B Nayar says

    Mr. Mukesh on 12th April 2016 anounsed that if the trader & the contestant could not come to an agreement on the amount, the answer has to be decided by the contest him/her self, without the help of the trader. This was also demonstrated in one case.
    But today Mr. Mukesh totally over ruled this provision by allowing Anushri to continue the bargain after the 30 seconds allowed. The celebrities should not be given such exceptions. Rules are to be strictly followed irrespective of the status of the contestants. Mr. Mukesh should acknowledge his mistake in one of the coming episodes. I am a regular viewer of ” sell me the answer”. Hope such mistakes will not be repeated.

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