Q-Matrix – Amrita TV’s New Game Show

Q-Matrix  – Amrita TV’s New Game Show

Q-Matrix on Amrita TV

Q-Matrix on Amrita TV

Q-Matrix- A Golden Puzzle  is a live, phone-in, anchored  game show  that combines the best of the video puzzle and the TV Quiz and  affords an easy opportunity to get loaded with gold in less than 5  minutes.

The first programme in Malayalam television history to use virtual  technology it will be  telecast every Monday to Thursday at 1.30 pm from  July 5th .

The show involves the step-by-step uncovering and guessing the identity of a famous personality whose image is hidden underneath a matrix of patterned blocks. These blocks are arranged in rows on the rectangular grid and are numbered sequentially from 0 to 99.

The programme which is of one hour duration is divided  into ‘periods’ of 5 minutes. At the beginning of the show, the patterned matrix will be seen on the screen as the anchor furnishes clues which give a vague idea of the person to be identified. As the first  5 minute period starts, interested viewers who want to have  a crack at the puzzle can begin calling –in.

In order to get a glimpse of the celebrity’s photo, the 1st caller selects a set of  5 blocks from anywhere on the matrix which are then removed to reveal a fraction of the face beneath. He is given a few seconds  to make out the character from this  narrow strip of visible image, assisted by more tips and hints from the anchor. If he succeeds in recognizing the figure, he hits the jackpot straight away; if not, he forfeits his chance and the second caller waiting in the line, tries his luck .

If none of the callers of the 1st period  can guess the identity , then the Q matrix  passes on to the 2nd  5 minute period. The 1st participant  has the prerogative to request   a further 5 blocks to be taken down from the matrix to disclose more of the photograph. If this fragmentary image is enough to determine the correct answer, there is a bonanza awaiting the contestant  . If  the question comes down to the 3rd period, 5 more blocks are done away with and if the caller pinpoints the image accurately he will still win  prizes in gold.

10 gold coins are up for grabs every day, 9 for the identification and 1 for answering an SMS question that will be posted at the end of every episode. The prizes will be dispatched at the earliest to the doorstep of the lucky winners.

Taking up the dual challenge of the photo puzzle is open to anyone with a good memory and a sense of proportion of the human face ; these bravehearts have naught to lose only plenty of gold to gain, in the comfort of their living rooms.

An addictive enigma that offers piecemeal identification of a major league player , this brain teaser of a show tests one’s intelligence, general awareness and common sense even as it rains gold on its participants.

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