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Nottam – Amrita TV Presents Today on the Friday Super Cinema @7



Amrita TV presents ‘NOTTAM’ today, on the Friday Super Cinema @7Friday Super Cinema @7 is a daring scheduling strategy attempted by Amrita TV by which the latest blockbusters of the Malayalam Film Industry will be shown every Friday evening at 7 pm. A breath taking initiative, this move revamps its telecast schedule to introduce unforgettable weekender specials into hallowed prime time slots.

A disarmingly simple title at first glance, every word is crammed chock-a-block with significance.

Movies are staple fare in most channels, putting in an appearance in all sorts of odd time slots. But this is the first time in the history of Malayalam Main Channel Television that a film is being released into the high profile , peak viewership period of prime time.

About 2 years ago, Kerala had a serial soaked populace, so addicted to the sob stuff they reached automatically for their handkerchiefs every day at 6pm. Amrita revolutionized scheduling history by introduced a ‘Superstar’, Kerala’s 1st reality show into this serial entrenched slot, showing the guts to wean away a population in danger of sinking in tearjerkers . It was a move that had historians sharpening their quill pens in a hurry, for History was being created.


Now Amrita does it again, another novel departure from staid routine that shakes up the industry from its stupor. By switching to the more professional National TV timings of Monday-Thursday and re-organising the programme mix slotted for Friday prime time Amrita TV leaves Friday evenings free from soaps and serials for 3 hours of non-stop cinematic entertainment that climaxes over dinner .

Prime time slots are available round-the-week, every evening Monday through Sunday, but positioning the movie on Friday is a tactical move that will deliver dual advantages.

Friday evenings inaugurates the beginning of the week end which offers welcome respite from dreary week day routine. Life in the fast lane takes its toll on most people — beating morning office traffic, wading through files, panting to be a foot ahead of deadlines. Jet age stress makes one look forward to weekends, when one can unwind by putting up one’s feet and letting down one’s hair; placing life on hold when road rage, grueling schedules and work place competition recede into the far distance . An excellent film eases one into the relaxation mode. The film is not pushed into the usual late night slot that leaves one even more exhausted, but is fitted in thoughtfully at 7pm.

Moreover, this slotting is tailor made for the huge Malayalee Diaspora spread across the Middle East , for whom Friday is a holiday and a movie the ideal way to round off a week end.

The cinemas that we have lined up for ‘Friday release’ are worth tuning in to. From our vast archives, we will hand pick the best movies in every genre most so new the negatives are still in mint condition – block busters that everyone wanted to see ; super hits that eluded your DVD collection ; top grosser that you missed out on ; classics that retain their freshness even after repeated viewings.

It is a repertoire that will make your weekdays whiz past as you wait in anticipation of the pleasure to come on Friday evenings. Hereafter, Monday morning blues will become a thing of the past – because there are always Friday Super Movies to look forward to.


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