Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran 2016 – Call For Entry Questions

Call For Entry Questions For Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran 2016

ningalkkum aakaam kodeeshwaran 2016 questions
ningalkkum aakaam kodeeshwaran 2016 questions

Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran 2016 registrations questions started, you need to answer to these questions to participate in nak season 2016. you can check for the call for entry questions and sms code format for 2016 Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran. Nak season 4 is expected to start next month on malayalam channel Asianet. we will update the questions here, you can check those questions and answer to the same.

SMS Code Format For Ningalkkum Aakam Kodeeswaran

Option A : NAK A to 57827
Option B : NAK B to 57827
Option C : NAK C to 57827
Option D : NAK D to 57827

Sms Costs – Airtel(RoI) R.S 3 Per SMS, Airtel (TN & Chennai) R.S 5 per sms, Vodafone R.S 3 per sms, Idea Rs 3 per sms, Tata Rs 3 per sms and Reliance 3 per sms.

nak season 4 call for entry question 1 – 10th november 2016

nak 2016 questions
nak 2016 questions

kodeeswaran call for entry question 2 – 11th november 2016

nak season 2016 call for entry questions
nak season 2016 call for entry questions

kodeeswaran season 2016 call for entry question 3 – 12th november 2016

questions of nak season 4
questions of nak season 4

Suresh gopi will host the 4th season of nak, its coming soon on asianet. we will update launch date, telecast time and other details of nak.

asianet kodeeswaran season 4 call for entry question 4 – 13rd november 2016

asianet nak questions
asianet nak questions

asianet kodeeswaran season 2016 call for entry question 5 – 14th november 2016

asianet nak season 2016 call for entry questions
asianet nak season 2016 call for entry questions


  1. AZAD P H says

    bsnl mob elle

  2. Suresh kumar TS says


  3. silju says

    could you pls tell me the 6th question?

  4. Bhaskaran says

    Kodeeshwaran good program. this parthpation please select me


    kodeeswaran kazhinja kala programes kanumayirunnu ellavarilekum ariv ethichu kodukkunna ee programinu ente hridayam niranja congrats njanum 2016 programileku 5 answersum ayachitund plse select me


    it ia a nice programe tor all knowledge for all contestants

  7. Sreejith Gopinath says

    Njanum ithavana sms ayachirunnu ithuvare reply onnum illa Kennanu selection nadakunnathu audition ennanu onnu parayamo

  8. Sreejith Gopinath says

    Please inform if i selected

  9. VINOD M.N. says

    i had sent answers to questions 1)DHARMADOM2)SUSHIL KUMAR3)PULIMURUGAN4)URI5)VAIKOM MUHAMMED BASHEER. Ihad sent only once through sms for each of these 5 questions.does it affect my performance?please comment or inform me what the answers are

  10. vinod m.n. says

    please declare the names of eligible to participate in nak dec 2016.please tell me the answers( 5) to the questions 10-11-16 to 14-11-16.last year i had sent correct answers through bsnl.but it counl not be sent (sms) through bsnl. technical difficulty was there.this time i had sent answers via tata docomo.i want to participate in nak.

  11. rakhi says

    This program is very nice I would like to participate this please select me sir

    1. rakhi says

      The answer are 1.daramadom 2.sushil 3.pulimurugan 4.uri 5.vaikam Muhammad basheer

  12. Asha ittan says

    Najan ithavana sms ayachu enne audition ennanu ariykkamo please sir

  13. lisha says

    Very nice and informative program .

    Please find the answers for the recent questions.


    How can I being informed if I got selected…?

  14. Ravindran T says

    I have replied all questions through landline correctly. But I have not been informed about the audition. When it will conduct ?

  15. Saranya says

    Please Inform If I Selected

  16. vidya tp says

    Enne kodeeswaran programmil ninnum vilichirunnu. Details ellam chodikkukayum cheythu. adition nov. last nadakkum ennu paranjirunnu. pinne onnum arinjilla. kooduthal ariyan endanu cheyyyendathu

  17. vidya tp says

    Njanum ithavana sms ayachirunnu koodeeswaran programil ninnum vilikkukayum cheythu. nov last adition undakum ennu paranjirunnu. pinne onnum ariyilla. ennu anu audition nadakkunnatu

    1. Asif says

      Audition nte nthelum details ariyumo??


    2016 programme ennu thudangum selection list publish ayooo
    njsnum ayachitund 5 answers for selection the programme

  19. MaryThomas says

    Ilike this informativr program bery much andlike to patticipate initSince I am68 yearsold I wish I could participate the contest.

  20. BIBIN KV says

    I have been answer to all questions of kodeeswaran season 4.please inform me that wether I have eligible for audition or not


    don’t get call letter from Ningalkum akam kodeeswaran and also don’t call for written test

  22. sheeja r says

    written test nadakkumbol enikku ariyipponnum kittiyilla

  23. Nikhila.M.K says

    Audition Dec 24 nu annu ennu paranju prgmil ninnum vilichirunnu place pinnidu parayumennu paranju ithuvare reply onnumilla

  24. Aparna says

    I attended the audition on dec 24th after that I got a call from there but I couldn’t answer the call Will u pls help me

  25. Jyothi.R says

    Will you pls infom me before auditionj Jyothi Banglore

  26. SUNNESH KUMAR says

    will you please inform me before audition. it’s starting January 16th no reply sunnesh Banglore


    I want Bsnl sms format

  28. MS Rajkumar says

    I am a regular viewer of this show. But this time the presentation of Mr. Suresh Gopi is very annoying. He should avoid unnecessary and lengthy talk with participants.At times it crosses all limits of patience. Please don`t degrade this program to a mere talk show.

  29. Lee Jain Sony says

    I am selected for the children season. And they call our principal. But our principal’s phone was switched off. So please call.

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