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Kairali TV Channel Feature Film Schedule For The Month September 2018


2018 September Film Schedule of Kairali TV Channel

There is no premiers scheduled in kairali tv channel movie schedule for 2018 september month. Onam films repeat charted in the list, films like miruthan, RajaPattai, Kaashmora, Thirunaal, Vanamagan entered the chart. Kairali now mainly telecast tamil dubbed films, they are getting trp for such films. Now old films or classic films not including in kairali channel.

Movie titles and telecast time with date

01.09.2018Anjaan (Dubbed)09.00 A.M
01.09.2018Inspector General ‘IG’01.15 P.M
01.09.2018Villu (Dubbed)04.30 P.M
02.09.2018Bogan (dubbed)09.00 A.M
02.09.2018Ennu Nintte Moideen01.15 P.M
02.09.2018RajaPattai (Dubbed)04.30 P.M
03.09.2018BharathChandran IPS01.15 P.M
04.09.2018Aaru (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
05.09.2018Loham01.15 P.M
06.09.2018Thuppakki (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
07.09.2018Oru Mexican Aparatha09.00 A.M
07.09.2018Oppam01.15 P.M
07.09.2018Thani Oruvan (Dubbed)05.30 P.M
08.09.2018Thirunaal (Dubbed)09.00 A.M
08.09.2018Take Off01.15 P.M
08.09.2018Puli (Dubbed)04.30 P.M
09.09.2018C/o Saira Banu09.00 A.M
09.09.2018Kaashmora (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
09.09.2018Miruthan (Dubbed)05.00 P.M
10.09.2018PokkiriRaja01.15 P.M
11.09.2018Druvangal 16 (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
12.09.2018PokkiriRaja (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
13.09.2018Dora (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
14.09.2018ParuthiVeeran (Dubbed)09.00 A.M
14.09.2018Puli (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
14.09.2018Oru Vadakkan Selfi05.30 P.M
15.09.2018Boss Engira Bhaskar (Dubbed)09.00 A.M
15.09.2018Singham II (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
15.09.2018Premam04.30 P.M
16.09.2018Sillunu Oru Kaadhal (Dubbed)09.00 A.M
16.09.2018Rajini Murugan (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
16.09.2018Vanamagan (Dubbed)04.30 P.M
17.09.2018Uthama Villian (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
18.09.2018SethuPathi (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
19.09.2018Vedhalam (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
20.09.2018Vandan vendran (Dubbed)09.00 A.M
20.09.2018Pathemaari01.15 P.M
20.09.2018P.K (Hindi Dubbed)04.30 P.M
21.09.2018Madhurey (Dubbed)09.00 A.M
21.09.2018Naan Mahaan Alla (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
21.09.2018Rhythm (Dubbed)05.30 P.M
22.09.2018Alex Pandian (Dubbed)09.00 A.M
22.09.2018Paiyya (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
22.09.2018Mass (Dubbed)04.30 P.M
23.09.2018Aalwar (Dubbed)09.00 A.M
23.09.2018Devasuram01.15 P.M
23.09.2018DharmaDurai (Dubbed)04.30 P.M
24.09.2018Sillunu Oru Kaadhal (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
25.09.2018Vedhalam (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
26.09.2018Mission 90 Days01.15 P.M
27.09.2018Thalaiva (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
28.09.201836 Vayathinile (Dubbed)09.00 A.M
28.09.2018Chase (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
28.09.2018Ee Parakkum Thalika05.30 P.M
29.09.2018Yennai Arindhaal (Dubbed)09.00 A.M
29.09.2018Kakkakuyil01.15 P.M
29.09.2018Pattom Pole04.30 P.M
30.09.2018Thuruppugulan09.00 A.M
30.09.2018Jilla (Dubbed)01.15 P.M
30.09.2018Thanga Magan (Dubbed)04.30 P.M
Film Schedule of Kairali TV Channel
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Film Schedule of Kairali TV Channel



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