JB Junction – John Brittas Show On Kairali TV

John Brittas Show On Kairali TV – JB Junction Starting On 22nd June 2013

John Brittas

John Brittas

Watch JB Junction, John Brittas Show Every Saturday at 9.00 P.M Only On Your Kairali TV.

JB Junction

JB Junction

Kairali TV JB Junction Ranjini Haridas

4 Responses

  1. hari says:


    I need to congratulate Mr.Brittas for his prog. JB junction. Please provide his email id.


    Hari R

  2. Jayakumar&family says:

    The JB junction program is giving a close look on most of celebraties. I request him to avoid the personal happening which the celebrity does not want to expose. This is specifically seen during the Chitra iyer’s friend story. By repeating, the same by JB what he want to show? Avoid such instances.It is very much required to highlight the achievement of the celebrity. It is also seen that people are only work in cinema, politics, literature are only included. Request to people in teaching, sports, doctors, engineers, etc other than entertainment shall be included. The program is good, to be strengthened by giving more practical story spread to the new generation. I propose a show with E sreedharan, V J Kurian, drushiraj Singh, etc

  3. Lecky R says:

    Hi mr britas
    Watched the show with ms.Ranjini. We expect some sensible quality programmes from your end. Dont create programmes just on commercial angle alone. She may be good at anchoring but invaluable to be in a show like JB Junction.
    You are a person who understand the viewer pulse very intensely.
    Hope you got it.

    Thanx n regds

  4. Mohan says:

    I would like to have the email id of John Brittas.

    Mohan Arimboor.

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