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Ilayaval Gayathri TV Serial Coming Soon on Mazhavil Manorama Channel


Mazhavil Manorama Bringing Ilayaval Gayathri TV Serial At Prime Time Slot

Ilayaval Gayathri TV Serial On Mazhavil Manorama
Ilayaval Gayathri TV Serial Mazhavil Manorama

Leading malayalam general entertainment channel mazhavil manorama showing the coming soon promo of serial Ilayaval Gayathri. Popular malayalam mini screen artists are appearing for mazhavil serial Elayaval gayathri. Promos indicates that it’s handling a family story, one young girl and her struggling to help family. Dr.Ram is supposed to windup and this series may fill that time slot. Doctor Ram serial doing poor performance in trp rating charts, it’s only getting below 1 points. Bhagyajathakam was one of the latest malayalam soap started on the channel, Bhramanam is the most popular serial on Mazhavil Manorama.

List of Programs Airing on Mazhavil Manorama Channel

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Reality shows airing the channel are Nayika Nayakan, Super 4, Thakarppan Comedy Mahamela and Thakarppan Comedy. Nayika Nayakan airing every monday to Wednesday at 9.00 p.m and it’s getting good response allover. we have posted about the launch and telecast details of the show Nayika Nayakan. Super 4 musical reality show airing every Saturday and sunday at 8:00 pm on Mazhavil and Mazhavil HD Channels. Thakarppan Comedy Mahamela is one of the latest offering, it’s airing Thursday and Friday at 9.00 P.M, Thakarppan Comedy at 9.00 P.M Every Saturday. Ilayaval Gayathri Serial getting decent ratings at malayalam trp charts.


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TRP Performance of Mazhavil Television Serials

As mentioned above Bhramanam doing excellent performance for the channel, last week it bagged 4.33 points. We can check the monday to friday points of Bhramanam (3.82, 4.35, 5.04, 4.19 and 4.26) it’s average is 4.33. Mukundan, Lavanya Nair, Sarath Das are playing lead characters in in the serial.

Sthreepadham is another popular show for the channel, we can check the weekly performance. 3.5, 3.97, 3.83, 3.22, 3.11, it’s average is 3.52. Sthreepadham airing every monday to friday at 8.30 p.m starring Shelly Kishore, Arun G Raghavan, Vishnu Prasad etc.

Bhagyajathakam starring Shafna Nizam started recently and it’s getting decent trp points, 2.46 is the barc week 35 ratings points of Bhagyajathakam. Makkal 1.18, Dr. Ram 0.85 are the other figures, Stay tuned here for more about malayalam serial Elayaval gayathri.


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