bigg boss malayalam trp ratings – asianet reality show hosted by actor mohanlal

asianet reality show bigg boss malayalam trp ratings chart

bigg boss malayalam trp ratings
bigg boss malayalam trp ratings

bigg boss malayalam trp of launch episode and weekly data will be available next week. the show just started and barc is collecting the samples. usually every thursday they are publishing trp ratings data. and our partner website are regularly updating top channel and shows of every week. we have recently updated week 24 data, asianet leading the chart and they expecting better trp for bigg boss. current data is (week 24) for the shows 9th June 2018 to 15th June 2018. next week 25, is 16th to 22nd June and bigg boss ratings will included in week 26 only.

season 2 of bigg boss show getting more trp than it’s first season , 11-12 is the average and asianet total points crossed more than 1000.due to popularity channel now showing bbm2 everyday at 9.00 p.m to 10.30 p.m. online voting bigg boss available only through dysney+ hotstar application.

trp points

malayalam version of bigg boss started on 24th june , asianet started airing daily episodes of the show. today is the 4th day of bigg boss (28th june), 16 celebrities are participating in the show. asianet replaced comedy stars season 2 and bringing malayalam bigg brother in that time slot. comedy stars season 2 is now shifted to sunday time slot. 10 points is the average for comedy stars and asianet expecting more than for bigg boss malayalam trp. we need to wait 2 more weeks, exactly on 5th july  for malayalam bigg boss trp data.

Top 10 non fiction malayalam trp of week 24

Show Name ChannelPointsDate
Comedy Stars Season 2Asianet8.2412 June
Comedy Stars Season 2Asianet8.1111 June
Comedy Stars Season 2Asianet7.8015 June
Comedy Stars Season 2Asianet6.6514 June
Comedy Stars Season 2Asianet6.6413 June
Kidilam Comedy UthsavamFlowers TV5.3712 June
Comedy UthsavamFlowers TV5.1814 June
20th Asianet Film AwardsAsianet5.0310 June
Kidilam Comedy UthsavamFlowers TV4.9513 June
Comedy UthsavamFlowers TV4.5615 June