Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam TRP Points – Launch Event Earned 11.12 Points

Opening Week Average Point of Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam is 7.14

Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam TRP Points

Average opening for Asianet’s Latest Show, 3rd Season of Bigg Boss Earned 7.14 Points. Launch Event TRP is 11.12, Bigg Boss Plus Earned 6.38 Points (Sunday, 14th February Only). Average TRP of Bigg Boss cafe is 1.06, Once Again Serial Kudumbavilakku Top the chart with 18.28 Points, Santhwanam Listed at 2nd with 17.97 and Serial Mounaragam earned 16.66. You can check Day wise TRP of Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam with it’s original Telecast and Repeat From here.

Bigg Boss TRP

BB CAFEMonday15 February17:56:411.31
Tuesday16 February18:01:321.24
Wednesday17 February18:01:101.01
Thursday18 February18:01:280.91
Friday19 February18:01:230.84
BIGG BOSSSunday14 February18:59:4911.12
Monday15 February07:54:420.79
Monday15 February21:35:427.92
Tuesday16 February10:48:001.19
Tuesday16 February21:34:586.47
Wednesday17 February10:49:051.17
Wednesday17 February21:34:385.64
Thursday18 February10:28:181.18
Thursday18 February21:34:235.96
Friday19 February10:35:321.11
Friday19 February21:35:075.75
BIGG BOSS PLUSSunday14 February22:14:216.38
Monday15 February11:08:061.36
Monday15 February23:12:411.76
Tuesday16 February12:24:361.99
Tuesday16 February23:13:421.30
Wednesday17 February12:15:281.74
Wednesday17 February23:11:511.53
Thursday18 February12:08:421.58
Thursday18 February23:09:381.79
Friday19 February12:12:371.94
Friday19 February23:10:131.74

Asianet TRP

Kudumbavilakku – 18.28
Santhwanam – 17.97
Mounaragam – 16.66
Padatha Painkili – 16.50
Ammayariyathe – 15.40
Koodevide – 13.97
Bigg Boss – 7.14
Star Singer The Epic Show – 6.62
Bigg Boss Plus – 6.38
Kasthooriman – 5.24
Kannante Radha – 1.81
Comedy Stars Season 2 – 1.23
BB Cafe – 1.06

Source – Barc Week 7 [Ind]:Universe

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