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Barc Television Ratings Of Malayalam Channels – Week 47 (21 to 27th November 2015)


Barc Television Ratings Of Malayalam Channels

Barc Television Ratings
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Barc Television Ratings

Here Is The Complete Data Of Barc Television Ratings Of Malayalam Channels For The Week 47. This Data is for the Period 21 November 2015 to 27th November 2015. Once There is no threat for Asianet and They leading at the top with 1151. Mazhavil Manorama is placed at second positions with 310 Points. Main highlight of This week is Surya TV is again back to 4th positions, they have huge lose this week. They just got 188 points in the Barc Television Ratings Of Malayalam Channels Week 47. Flowers TV is Placed at 3rd Position with 223 Points. You can check the complete data for Serials and Other Shows. we have included more programs rating in this post, please check below for the same.

Barc Television Ratings Of Malayalam Channels – Asainet Serials and Shows

Vellanakalude nadu – 3.1
4 The People – 4.2
Kalyana Sougandhikam – 9.1
Pranayam – 12.6
Karuthamuth – 14.8
Parasparam – 21.7
Chandhanamazha – 20.3
Sreedhanam – 14.1

Mazhavil Manorama Channel Programs and Serials Ratings

Vivahitha – 1.2
Sundari – 2.8
Manjurukumkalam – 7.9
Bandhuvaru Shathruvaaru – 2.2
Mayamohini – 1.5

Flowers TV Barc Television Ratings Of Malayalam Channels

Moonnumani – 2.9
Eeswaran Sakshiyayi – 0.7

Surya TV Serials and Shows Ratings

Valsalyam – 1.7
Sthreethuam – 0.2
Manasariyathe – 0.4
Bhagyalekshmi – 1.7
Punarjani – 1.8
My Marumakan – 2.6
Sivakami – 0.8


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