barc malayalam tv ratings 2016 – week 39 (24th september to 10th september)

barc malayalam tv rating 2016 – malayalam channel ratings points

barc malayalam tv rating
barc malayalam tv rating

barc malayalam tv ratings 2016, week 39 shows there is no challenge for asianet’s top positions. they are again at first positions in barc malayalam television rating system. mazhavil manorama keep their second positions, but surya tv is missed it for few points. flowers tv and amrita tv improved their total rating points. amrita tv defeated asianet plus and now they are looking for 4th or 5th positions. this week is good for kairali tv too, they bagged total 103 points. last week kairali tv just bagged 91 points, this week there is hike in kairali tv total points.

barc malayalam tv rating 2016 data for week 39

Channel NameRatings
Week 39Week 38
Mazhavil Manorama323321
Surya TV317280
Flowers TV275269
Kiran TV197197
Asianet Movies226199
Asianet Plus155124
Amrita TV161156
Kairali TV10391

Chinthavishttayaya Seetha scored 9.0 points this week, Pranayam scored 9.3 and Bharya 12 points are the serials ratings of asianet. karuthamuthu scored 14.68 , chandanamazha 18 , Parasparam 21 keep the performance. hindi dubbed serial kavacham bagged 5.5 points (5.7 last week), nunachi paru 4.4 (4.5 last week) are the ratings of other asianet serials. in barc malayalam tv rating top 5 only asianet serials are listed.

mahaveera hanuman 3.6, sagaram sakshi 0.9 , amme mahamaye 1.3, bagya lakshmi 0.6, chechiyamma 1 , ennu swantham jani 2.7
nagakanyaka 6.6 are the ratings of surya tv serials. once again in barc malayalam tv rating dubbed serials saved surya tv. naagakanyaka is doing good job for surya tv for the last few weeks.

newly launched serial mangalyapatt in mazhavil manorama bagged 3.4 points in barc malayalam tv rating for the week 39. athmasakhi serial scored 3.3 points, Krishnatulasi 3.4 and manjurukum kaalam with 8.3. manjurujum kaalam is doing good job for mazhavil manorama. this serial rating is improving for the past few weeks.

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  1. its becuz of yadhu manjurukum kalam rating is improved.I told u before yadhuettan is just like lalettan.Both are superstars in their own fields.

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