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serial daya on asianet
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Leading Malayalam GEC Premiering Latest Fiction Koodevide at 8:30 P.M, You can check the Updated program List of Asianet From Here. Star Singer Season 8 Launch This week, they aired mega Launch event last Sunday. There will 40 contestants in the 8th edition of epic reality show. Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 is the another show awaiting this year, as per information it will be in Feburay-March.

Monday to Friday at 06:00 P:M is the Telecast Time of Latest Asianet Serial Daya Starring Pallavi Gowda, Sandeep Mohan , VK Baiju, Sreelakshmi, Rasmi Boban, Jhon Jacob, Ajith Vijayan.

Update – Nazar Hindi Serial Dubbed in Malayalam as Manthrikam Showing at 10:30 P.M is the Latest Program of Asianet (It’s Stopped Now, new Program Valkkannadi Repeat Showing at that Time Slot Now).

Thoovalsparsam , Sasneham, Santhwanam , Amma Ariyaathe, Kudumbavilakku, Koodevide, Mounaragam, Paadatha Painkili, Seetha Kalayanam are the serials in Current Asianet Schedule. Disney+Hotstar App Streaming All these malayalam Serials Online Via Mobile Phone.

Swanthanam Hotstar
Swanthanam Hotstar

Asianet Program Time

06.00 A.MChirikkum Thalika
06.55 A.MSabaritheertham
07:00 A.MStart Music Season 3 (Short Version)
07:30 A.MStart Music Season 3 (Short Version)
08:00 A.MBreakfast Comedy Stars 2
09:00 A.MMalayalam Feature Film
12:00 NoonSerial – Sasneham
12:30 NoonSerial – Daya
01:00 P.MValkkannadi – The matinee Show
01:30 P.MValkkannadi – The matinee Show
02:00 P.MSerial – Thoovalsparsham (Original Episode)
02:30 P.MSerial – Santhwanam
03:00 P.MSerial – Kudumbavilakku
03:30 P.MSerial – Ammayariyathe
04:00 P.MSerial – Koodevide
04:30 P.MSerial – Paadatha Painkili
04:55 P.MSabaritheertham
Asianet Serial Thoovalsparsham Actors
Latest Malayalam Serials

Asianet Prime Time Schedule

05:00 P.MStart Music Season 3 (Short Version)
05:30 P.MStart Music Season 3 (Short Version)
06:00 P.MSerial – Daya
06:30 P.MSerial – Sasneham
07:00 P.MSerial – Santhwanam
07:30 P.MSerial – Amma Ariyaathe
08:00 P.MSerial – Kudumbavilakku
08:30 P.MSerial – Palunku
09:00 P.MSerial – Mounaragam
09:30 P.MSerial – Koodevide
10:00 P.MSerial – Paadatha Painkili
10:30 P.MValkkannadi
11:30 P.MSerial – Santhwanam
Asianet Serial Timing Latest
Asianet Serial Timing Latest


  1. Anupama Nalinakshan says

    Today at 10.30pm Mathrikam serial is not telecast why?

  2. Ushashanker says

    Plz show mandrikam at night

  3. Akshay says

    We want mathrikam serial
    Stop valkannadi show

  4. Meenu says

    Please telecast mathrikam serial.

  5. Dilsy says

    We want Manthrikam serial please stop the show valkkannadi

  6. Sidharh says

    Please telecast mandrikam serial

  7. Nazzriya says

    Please telecast mathrikam serial ….stop vallkanndii❌❌

  8. Sharu Kurian says

    Please do telecast Manthrikam serial.
    U can either stop valkanadi or start music.
    But not Manthrikam. Please look into this.

  9. Vismaya says

    Please continue……telecasting manthrikam…

  10. Nithin says

    Please telecast manthrikam serial it has lots of viewers, at first Asianet must know the fact that this manthrikam serial has more viewers than other prime time serials, thank you

    1. Anish KS says

      As per current information they have stopped Manthrikam and Less chance to bring back the same.

  11. Nothing says

    Manthrikm is nice serial. we are fed up with vaklandi like show

    1. Anish KS says

      As per current information they have stopped Manthrikam and Less chance to bring back the same.

  12. Harsh says

    Is there a chance

    1. Anish KS says

      Discussed the same with Asianet, Less Chance for the same.

  13. Niranjana says

    We want manthrikam it’s a different serial from all don’t stop it pls stop vallkanadi🛑

  14. GEETHA L says

    Please show manthrikkam serial.My mother loves to watch it. Please show it and remove valkkanadi

  15. Mohammed bin basheer says

    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz stoooooppp vaalkanadi and back manthrikam plzplzplzpzlpzlzzpzlzpzlzpzzzzzzz😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😖😭😭😭🙏🙏🤯😠

  16. Vismaya says

    Plz.. Recast manthirkam and telecast valkannadi on any other day…Saturdays or Sundays… Manthrikam is such a different interesting story… Plz continue telecasting that

  17. Vismaya says

    Plz recast manthirakam… And telecast valknnadi any other day… Saturdays or Sundays… Manthrikam is a different interesting story… Plz continue telecasting that…

  18. Kumidi online says

    Plz telecast manthrikam serial at 10:30pm stop telecasting vallkandi at this time…..🙌If you can telecast vallkandi choose the time 11:00 pm and telecast manthrikam at 10:30 Pm
    It is very nostalgic serial at the same time curiosity and interesting tooo. SO PLZ TELECAST MANTHRIKAM SERIAL 🙏🙏PLZ ASAINET IT IS OUR REQUEST 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  19. Deleena says

    Why repeating valkannadi if it has a time slot in 1 o clock. Pls bring back manthrikam, pls show something good on asianet

  20. POOJA Midhun says

    Pls show manthrikam… Change the time of valkkandi

  21. Nazzriya says

    Please telecast manthrikam serial …stop vallkalii….. it is kind request plz plzzz…….

  22. Anu says

    Please telecast manthrikam serial…

  23. Gowri says

    Radhakrishna timing changed?
    Is there radhakrishna

  24. Sunitha Harish says

    Vallkannadi is such a huge bore and waste of time, please stop the same and instead telecast Mantrikan or Bala hanuman

  25. Ponnu says

    Why did you stop kannante radha??

  26. Amal says

    Yesterday not programing in kannande radha please 8 can see in hotstar

  27. ASWATHY K says

    Plz continue kannante radha ….

  28. ASWATHY K says

    Why kannante radha punasamagamanam stopped

  29. SHIYONA says

    Please continue Kannanteradha

  30. Dhanush Krishnan says

    Why Asianet stopped telecasting kannante radha. Please bring back it🙏🙏

  31. Krisyaz says

    Why stopped telecasting Kannante Radha punasamaagamam ?
    Please continue it, please I want my Radhakrishna comeback…
    Please please 🥺🙏🙏

  32. Krisyaz says

    Please continue Kannante Radha Punasamaagamam please please please 🙏🙏🙏…

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