24 News Emerged as 2nd Popular in News Segment – Manorama Down to 4th Place

Barc Week 14 ratings Reports – 24 News Is Listed at Second Position

24 News Channel TRP Data
24 News Channel TRP Data

Within short period 24 News from Flowers TV Network find it’s best position in barc trp rating data, in the latest chart channel earned 158 points. In week 12 they crossed Mathrubhoomi news and This time overcome both Manorama and Mathubhoomi. Interestingly Manorama news down to 4th Place, but only few point difference between these three channels. Asianet news leading the chart with 259 points, News18 Kerala at 5th and Janam TV at 6th Positions. Media one earned 50 Points, Kairali news listed at bottom with 45 Points. Reporter TV, Mangalam tv etc not subscribed to Barc, those figures not available.

TRP malayalam News

Asianet News258.76295.81314.05
24 News158.26164.16195.27
Mathrubhoomi News157.6186.4187.67
Manorama News153.52192.99237.70
News 18 Kerala66.3281.49118.70
Janam TV62.3878.9793.50
Media One49.558.3879.62
Kairali News44.7748.9662.15

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s Press meet after After the COVID-19 outbreak assessment meeting getting massive ratings for News channels. Everyday at 6.00 P.M keralites eagerly waiting for his words, we can see hike in total points at this slot for all news channels.

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