War Zone on Amrita TV

War Zone

War Zone

Amrita TV has launched ‘War Zone’, an election special programme which is an analytical survey of the ground situation in each of the twenty parliamentary constituencies in Kerala which are due to go to the polls in April. War Zone’ will be telecast ,Mon-Fri 5 pm and Sat-Sun 11.30 am.

It is a precise summary from the middle of the election battle field of the immediate past and imminent future, that gives an objective appraisal of the performance of the sitting MP as well as the key issues likely to affect the constituency during the following five years.

The announcement of general elections is rather like a declaration of war, starting a renewed clash of political ideologies . The plan of campaign is drawn up , election themes selected, alliances forged, chieftains for each area chosen, the followers close ranks, accusations are hurled, reputations slaughtered ; some districts have minor skirmishes, while others witness titanic clashes.

The programme takes us into this arena of war, into the midst of fiercely fought battles, to give us the trench view of the circumstance.

In the 1st section ‘What Has the MP Done’ the reporter gives an impersonal recap of the MP’s 5 years in office – of hopes fulfilled, necessities provided, promises renegaded on. Then, it is over to the Man Who Matters, followed by rejoinders from his detractors who pick holes in his claims, prominent personalities who evaluate his performance and – the voting public.
The 2nd section, ‘2009-2014’ looks ahead into the future. The anchor in a deferred live gives an anticipatory preview of the next 5 years, the individual who will play a decisive role, the development issues the electorate expects to be addressed , the communal ramifications of reconstituted electoral districts.

‘My Vote’ quizzes the electorate on their choice of candidate, especially the young who are showing increasing reluctance to approach the ballot box; in a way this section is a plea to the youth to exercise their franchise. ‘History’, a graphical tailpiece provides little known historical bonbons and factual gems that rounds off the programme with a flourish.

‘War Zone’ is thus an information packed half-an-hour from the thick of the fray , that fills us in on the complete electoral picture and by tuning in to all frequencies, produces the perfect neutral pitch which is the hallmark of such evaluative shows.

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