Vigraham Mon-Friday 22.30 in Asianet

Vigraham Mon-Friday 22.30 in Asianet

Vigraham Mon-Friday 22.30 in Asianet

Vigraham Mon-Friday 22.30 in Asianet

Director: Dr.S.Janardhanan

Banner: Bhoomichithra

Cast: Prem Prakash, Tomy, Meghanadhan, Shaju, Krishna Prasad, Mohan Ayrror, Kavitha, Bindha

“Vigraham”, is a suspense thriller – an investigation into a series of murders of persons holding important positions in the society.

Storyline: An antique shop owner makes a wholesale purchase of a bunch of Krishna idols. Back at his shop, the idols become quite popular and are easily re-sold to his customers.

However, surprisingly, whoever purchases the idol dies immediately. And this is at the core of this suspense thriller.

In the first part of the story, a political leader Gopinath buys the idol, but he is later found murdered. The murder sends shockwaves throughout the city and Priyamvadha, IPS is entrusted with the investigation of the same. In this, she is accompanied by the young and dynamic police officer, Circle Inspector John Joseph. During the investigation, the corrupt deals of the dead politician come to light. However, the secret behind the idols remains still eludes the investigators.

In the second part, a film producer who purchases the idol is also killed. Here Priyamvadha’s investigations reveals the intrigue, politics and exploitation in the film industry. But, again, the secret of the idol is still unrevealed. And the search of the real culprit continues.

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