Taste of Dubai – Coming Soon on Amrita Tv

Taste of Dubai - Coming soon on Amrita Tv
Amrita TV  Gives  Viewers  A Taste of Dubai

Taste of Dubai    is  the Middle East   edition of Taste of  Kerala, that  displays a tantalizing array of scrumptious dishes from the recipe collections  of Non-Resident Indians settled in the Emirates.  The weekly programme  which will have a New Year Launch  on the January 2nd , will be telecast every Saturday at 9.30 UAE ( 11pmIST)

Taste of Dubai takes a trip to the city that had risen skyward from the desert sands and  drops in at the homes of those who had supplied these ‘prescriptions of delicious taste’.

The dishes are cooked in the kitchen of the host, with Raj Kalesh, the irrepressible anchor explaining the intermediate steps in fine detail, so that the viewers can easily memorize the ingredients and procedure for trying it out later.

The show  highlights  traditional Malayalam cuisine that had been jotted down in memory, perfected through practice and which bring back the flavour of  their distant native land. Each lip-smacking episode  of  the Taste of Dubai is packed with appetizing concoctions that will tempt the  taste buds of gourmets and amateurs alike. Delving deep into the larder of expatriate recipes this  gastronomical delight,   is poised to be a byword in culinary entertainment.

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