Super Troupe Every Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 P.M Only on Amrita TV

Super Troupe Every Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 P.M Only on Amrita TV
Super Troupe is the first ever reality show for Gana Mela troupes in Kerala, in which groups of singers, each backed up by its own full-fledged orchestra –rather than single individuals singing to the accompaniment of a common orchestra – are pitted against each other .

It is  a musical contest in which 12 of the best troupes  in the State compete in a show that transports one  the most popular performing  art forms,  from the  Utsav grounds  into one’s living room.

Evolution of  the Gana Mela

The Gana Mela traces its origin to the Koothu Patrai of Tamil Nadu, a combination of music, dance & acting, enacted in the temple premises before  a small  crowd of devotees who flocked around the performers for a  rare evening of classical entertainment.

This temple oriented art  form evolved to its present ‘music orchestra group’ over decades, absorbing along  the way the impact of technology as well as  the changes in popular taste . When loudspeakers & audio systems widened  its reach to bigger audiences, the Gana Mela moved out from the temple to the Utsav grounds & auditoriums  ; as playback singing  caught the public fancy, the content of the concerts shifted from  devotional music to film songs.

Singing icons of the caliber of Yesudas, Jayachandran, A.M Raja etc took to the Gana Mela platform, using its stage as a reliable barometer of audience preferences . Their entry into the fold enhanced its image further and troupes began to spring up along the length & breadth of the State from Trivandrum to Kasargode, providing affordable & wholesome entertainment in every type of venue from temple utsavs , Church festivals ,weddings, birthdays to club events. Its appeal spiraled to unprecedented heights and the Gana Mela emerged as the most popular form of mass  entertainment& recreation. But soon the tide turned & TV singing  stars who became overnight celebrities, started edging out the older & more experienced Gana Mela singers from the field.

Super Troupe is an attempt to revive an art form that has been sliding into decline and to help it to recover lost ground through the highly popular medium of a reality show.

Super Troupe differs from other shows in the same genre in a number of respects :

It showcases the Gana Mela troupes for the first time in television, as an acknowledgement to a performing art that has not been bestowed the respect it deserves; It is a rare instance of a show throwing it s door open to older competitors who were barred from displaying their potential, by the barrier of age; it is the first show to feature highly experienced professionals  who are totally dependent on their art for a living, in contrast to other reality shows which the contestants view merely as a competition.

Super Troupe thus goes beyond being  merely a reality show ;it is a determined effort to champion the cause of a popular art  form that has fallen slightly from public grace and restore it to its pre-eminent position that its artists richly deserve.

Super Troupe Selection Procedure

From the chain of  auditions conducted in Trivandrum, Cochin & Calicut, 12 of the best performing teams were chosen to participate in the show. The troupes drawn from Trivandrum, Kanjirappally, Aluva, Pala,Cochin, Kannur, Calicut &  Malappuram  were representative of  most of the districts of the State.

Super Troupe Participating Troupes

Each troupe consists of  6 singers and a 10 piece orchestra.
The 12 teams who made it are :

Amala kanjirappalli
Beats of Kerala
Cochin goleden hits
Melody orchesrta
Pala communications
Sargam voice
SS orchestra
Voice of India
V4U in music highway
Young stars

Super Troupe Judges Panel

The contestants will be judged by a 3 member jury panel consisting  of  Ouseppachan, the renowned music director , Biju Narayan, the young playback singer and a celebrity judge who will change with every round.

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