Super Star Junior 3 Starting 5th April at 8.00 P.M on Amrita TV

Super Star Junior 3  on Amrita TV

Super Star Junior 3 on Amrita TV

Super Star Junior 3 Starting 5th April at 8.00 P.M on Amrita TV

Super Star Junior-3, Amrita TV’s unrivaled competitive show for children is ready to get off to a running start at .

Super Star Junior-3 is a musical reality show fashioned exclusively for talented youngsters blessed with the divine gift of music,in order to discover the outstanding singing star in the 10-14 age category.

The first children’s singing contest in Malayalam Television that spawned a new genre in ‘childistan’ entertainment, it offers an unique stage for musically endowed youngsters to compete against each other .

Super Star Junior-3 is the 3rd generation in the series, the first 2 of which were runaway successes that held children in breathless captivity during its prime time weekday evening slot.

The much awaited show commencing on the 5th of April marks the dawning of a new musical adventure for young children and will culminate in the emergence of a new Super Star from amongst its ranks.

15 aspirants who have been filtered from hundreds of young hopefuls through repeated auditions will start out on the long competitive journey to the crown.

Checking out their vocal efforts in indulgent appraisal will be a Judges’ troika consisting of Anuradha Sriram, Madhu Balakrishnan and Biji Pal.

Anuradha, an accomplished Carnatic Vocalist and Hindustani Classical singer, is deeply interested in folk music, sings ghazals and does playback for Hindi& Tamil films .

Madhu Balakrishnan, a frontrunner in the new breed of playback singers  is doing judges duty in a reality show for the first time.

Biji Pal a recent entrant to the Music Director’s club, leapt to fame with  his chart busting numbers in Arabi Kathakal, Paleri Manikyam, Loud Speaker etc.

Besides hosting a series of  hitherto unseen rounds, Super Star Junior-3 will turn up  the enjoyment volume with frequent performances from its judge’s panel.

As  Super Star Junior-3 gets set to go off on the dot of 8 pm on April 5th , Kerala’s kids corps can look forward to riveting hours of cool musical numbers every weekday.

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