Super Star 2 Finale Live On 3rd April on Amrita TV

Super Star 2 Finale Live

Super Star 2 Finale Live

Super Star 2 Finale Live On 3rd April on Amrita TV

It is going to be an all male affair, a  stag party at the Grand Finale of Amrita TV’s flagship  reality show, Super Star-2 that will be telecast live on Saturday, April 3rd, from 7.00 pm onwards.

The finalists who will cross musical antlers in the triangular contest to decide the next Super Star are Nikhil, the exceptionally talented BCom graduate, Sidhesh  the BA Music student who was specially handpicked through the Super Star-2 Express and Sujith Lal whose passion for music was so overwhelming, he married a music teacher.

The Final 3 who are the pick of  the crop were isolated through a profusion of rounds spread over 17 stages, in which  the competition  got tighter by the session.

Even after  ensuring safe passage to the Finals, they had to pass through a grueling last level that stretched their skills on the rack and demonstrated  the contestant’s real stuff .

Duet with a Playback Singer showed how they fared by comparison to seasoned pros; Classical Groove in which they sang Carnatic Classical Keerthanas to keyboard accompaniment; Playback Singing where each competitor had to ‘learn’ the song on the spot and render it on stage immediately

On the decisive evening  of the Finale, millions of die hard Super Star fans around the globe will witness the 3-cornered combat in which the contestants have to face 3 rounds of two  solos and one group in their last conclusive showdown.

Dotting the efforts of the Super Star hopefuls will be celebrity displays from the 3 Judges, M.Jayachandran, Alphonse and Deepak Dev ; solo keyboard  performances from Stephen ;group medleys from the top ten eliminated participants of

Super Star-2 etc that will help cool down the soaring heat of the competition.

While  Super Star-2 is coasting  to its final run down, the Final three will be dredging  the very depths of their talent to bring up their  best for the head-on musical confrontation that awaits them, on the fateful evening of April 3rd  .

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