Super Dupe Gears Up To Keep Keralites In Splits

Super Dupe

Super Dupe

Super Dupe Gears Up To Keep Keralites In Splits

Super Dupe is  Amrita TV’s  new  uproariously funny comedy reality show in which ace mimics from across the State will compete through masterly impersonations of eminent personalities, in a series of hilarious spoofs and comical skits. To be telecast on weekdays from Monday through Friday at 7pm , it will be launched on 31st May.

The show gathers on stage experts in the art  of Mimicry who have acquired the skill of becoming someone else.

The persons who are being ‘duplicated’ are acclaimed celebrities from various fields, prominent public figures with marked mannerisms, characteristic idiosyncrasies and quirks of speech that mark them out from the rest.

The programme was open to any person over the age of 20 with commendable miming skills, who could imitate an individual so convincingly, he is instantly recognizable to the viewer.

250 participants were selected from the hundreds of hopefuls who turned up for the 1st screen test held at Trivandrum, Cochin and Calicut ; 82 made it through the 2nd screening to become the contenders of Super Dupe.

These are master mimes who have the knack of slipping into another individual’s personality, copying his body language, gestures, expressions, mannerisms and speech to such perfection that he can pass off as a clone or replica of the original.

The contestants who will be divided into various groups will perform amusing skits, sketches and  spoofs in which they will display their talent for stepping into another persons shoes.

Their laughter evoking abilities will be observed, analysed and  weighed by a permanent panel consisting of Kottayam Nazir, the Pasha of Mimicry and Manju Pillai, the queen of Television comedy.

Super Dupe is a rollickingly humorous Comedy of Dupes  where first-rate exponents of Mimicry produce wholesome entertainment and provide our daily dose of laughter and relaxation.

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