Super Dancer Junior 2 Coming Soon on Amrita Tv

Super Dancer Junior 2 Coming Soon on Amrita Tv

Super Dancer Junior 2

Super Dancer Junior 2

Amrita TV  is getting into step to raise the curtains on the most eagerly anticipated sequel in the reality show scene – Super Dancer Junior -2.

Super Dancer Junior , the first ever dance competition for  children, turned the searchlight on fledging talent to spot the best all-round dancing sensation in the State.

Focusing on the 10-14 age group, it lit upon a band of gifted youngsters many of whom have attained stardom in Television serials and on the silver screen such as Nayana, Navneeth, Shradha etc.

Though Super Dancer Junior- 2 follows in the steps of its prequel to bring to light the most versatile of dancers, it has broken away from the set reality rules to emerge with a revolutionary format .

Entries are invited from accomplished young dancers interested in making a bid for the prestigious title of Super Dancer Junior-2

Interested applicants are requested to mail in a performance- oriented CV detailing their achievements in dancing as well as a set of colour photographs to

37 Responses

  1. anees says:

    njan valere athikham ishtapedun oru parivadiyan eth.Iam very love to childerns.

  2. ashkar says:

    super dancer is super

  3. ashraf kv says:

    super dancer junior -2 very very good riyality show pleec giv me muhammad ramzan phon nomber

  4. ashraf kv saudi arabia says:

    super dancer junior -2 very good riyality show pleec repeeted thursday uae time 9. 30pm

  5. ashraf kv saudi arabia says:

    super dancer junior -2 very good riyality show pleec repeeted thursday (UAE) time 9. 30pm

  6. muhammad shabil saudi arabia (hail) says:

    I love u Ramzan iam ur best fan ramzan very good dancer ramzan ur newphotto give photto galary pleece ur phon nomber.ur shuver fast pric supdrdancer junio-2

  7. ashraf kv saudi arabia [hail] says:

    ilov u ramzan ur my best fanur very good dacer pleece ur phon nomber

  8. jessy says:

    i love u dear ramzan your owesome proffesional iam sure you r the last boy standind in sdj u r master piece actualy i want to send gift 4 u pls can u provide me your address or amritha sdj 2 addres my favourite actor ameer khan replaced by u and last girl standing in sdj 2 is swarna mind blowing expression if ash rai saw your performance she may be jelous of u

  9. jessy says:

    ramzan i wish u all the best and i will talk about u to my friend one of the director in bollywood to invite ramzan in hindi movie

  10. ANANd says:

    Ramzaaan aaaawwwsome he is too good than other……

  11. ANANd says:

    Ramzaaan is too good than others ….

  12. ashraf.kv saudi arabia hail says:

    superdancer junior-2 very very super program pleec pleec ripeet show thursday uae tim -(11.30pm) saudi tim(10.30pm)

  13. says:

    this progaram very enterantment for all familys. i like this reality show very much thank to amritha tv

  14. ashraf.kv saudi arabia (hail) says:

    pleec pleec ripeet tody superdancer junior elimination rownd sudi time(11.30pm) or ani tim today not ripeet show iam delet amrita chanal

  15. athira says:

    i love your dance ramzan you are the super dancer in dazzling stars wish you all the best for next perfomance i wish you want to be the super dancer do it well

  16. athira says:

    please make super dancer junior on saturday&sunday’s also please


  17. Nikhila says:

    swarna chaci is the best


  18. Seethal says:

    ramzan i luv u da i luv ur variety in dancing and vishnurenjith luv you too wat style da

  19. hareeshkrishnan says:

    how are you mastar , muhammed ramzan you good dancer amritha tvsuper dancer junior 2 good dancer’s 1,muhammed ramzan 2, prajwal,3,shifana4,malavika 4,dhanish 5,chithu 6vishnu g saudi arabia all malayali verry big fan;s my ramzan,prajwal you dance good specil you mobil nomber my mail send

  20. ammu says:

    i luv u vishnu becoz of your danceeeeeeeee

  21. rasha says:

    i luv dhanish very much .

    wanna dance!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome……. superb………

    there is no words to say about super dancer junior-2

    in medly mix round dhanish was superb…..

    mix up of kala master’s and sudhaji’s sound was fentastic

    and i have no words to express this

    i luv u dhanish……………………………………………..

  22. shad says:

    above frnd says exactly correct.dhanish i luv u da………

  23. shad says:

    dhanish i luv you soooooooo much……….

    your mixing up of kalamaster’s & sudhaji’s sound was superb

    and no words to express about super dancer junior

    i wish that – ROCKING STARS -should be the best group

    thanks to amritha tv

    dhanish u r superb……. u r style of dressing was exactly super

    i luv u dhanish………….
    U R



  24. RASHA says:

    abow frnd says exactly correct

    i luv u dhanish………………………

    u will be the winner 4 JOSCO SUPER DANCER JUNIOR -2

  25. KRIPA says:






  28. SUDHI says:

    I dont miss super dancer ,becuase i am a great fan of SWARNA..!

  29. harris john says:

    i luv ramzan…..u r my favourite super star .surely u won the super dancer junior 2

  30. shaheemali says:

    hi i am shaheem i am singing

  31. Arjun says:

    I love the anchors.Gorgeous.Please tell me their names.

  32. Arjun says:

    I think Swarna is going to win.
    Tell the anchors that they are really doing a good job.

  33. Arjun says:

    I love you Sheha…………….I watch the show to see her.

  34. shamsudheen hail ksa says:

    to producer amrutha tv supper dancer junior are very cheat.dont trey to next time.endhu kondanu fainalil oru boy ella the poyathu.judjels ellam grils ayathukondano boys ne purathakiyathu.ennal ethu kurachu nertthe cheyyamayirinnille.ottum seriyalla ethu.enni avarthikaruthu ee avahelana.

  35. Majnu Hasan says:

    I was a regular watcher of Supper Dance Junior 2 at Amrita Tv. But suddenly due the problem I could not saw the program…….Now I want to know who has the winner the Super Dancer Junior – 2 ?

  36. Arjun says:

    I knew from the begining that Swarna will win…………because,she got more 30.s than anyone…………
    Amrita tv………please keep Sheha…… She is the reason that I watch super dancer junior.

  37. jithin says:

    sheha i love you daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………………………

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