Style Bhai Sunday at 1.30 PM IST on Amrita TV

Style Bhai Sunday at 1.30 PM IST on Amrita Tv

Style Bhai on Amrita Tv

Producer : Haari

It is a weekly audio-visual fashion magazine that walks the ramp with the latest trends in apparels & accessories,brushes up their culinary skills and gives handy tips on the art of body building ; a Manual on Style that gives step by step instructions on how to transform oneself into a techno-savvy, fit as a fiddle , perfectly groomed person.

Shot in the exclusive showrooms of international brands and top gymnasiums across the State, this anchor based show incorporates interviews, discussions and tips from the salesmen and trainers.

Style Bhai,as the name suggests will be a peppy upbeat show on style, fashion, accessories, gyms etc

The programme is divided into 3 – 4 segments:

Check Your Style : With the advent of the bigwigs of fashion apparels at their doorstep, the Keralite has woken up to the rich possibilities of appropriate attire. The show goes to the exclusive outlets of global brands- Levi’s, Lee, Benetton, Reebock,Nike,Adidas, Louis Philippe, Allen Solly, Arrow etc,showcases the latest products on display; buttonholes the salesmen into discussing the selling points of the latest arrivals. Through a succesion of international brand introductions the viewers are given a crash course on the ABC of proper dressing- what constitutes formal attire, the not so simple rules of casual wear, the dos and don’ts of appropriate dressing styles .

@ Gym : Clothes make the Man, but masculine beauty is muscle deep. The next section gets physical, visiting well-established gyms equipped with state –of-the –art equipment ,where trainers introduce the machines from dumbbells and bull workers to tummy crunchers, ab rollers, treadmills etc ; demonstrate the correct procedure of working out on each ; explains the fitnesss and diet regimes to be followed to coax the flab into 6 packs, bulging biceps, triceps etc .

Bachelor’s Recipies : is a section meant for the unmarried young and those who enjoy the married but single status. It demonstrates a collection of simple recipes, restaurant quality dishes that are easy to make, wholesome to eat and undemanding on the wallet.

What’s New : deals with the e-collections from the high tech world where the anchor goes to the retail outlets of brand leaders such as Nokia,Sony, LG, Apple etc to get a feel of the newest mobiles, the latest laptops etc.

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