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A young man toiling in the arid heat of the Middle East, a selfish brood of siblings who prey on him like leeches, the hero’s undeclared  one-sided infatuation for his cousin  , the sweetheart who is in love with his arch enemy, the family’s ire and the heroine’s shock when he decides to tie the knot : this forms the  framework on which  the realistic down-to-earth storyline,  that might have been culled from the chapters of  our own life story,  is threaded skillfully, without dramatic frills or bizarre twists.

The story opens with the imminent arrival  of  Raghuvaran, a Gulfite who is due home for a short vacation. Having borne the burden of the family for some years, his parents are bent on getting him to take his marriage vows  on this visit. His sister Sarala, sister-in-law Vanaja & brother-in-law Pankajakshan for whom Raghu provides the sole sustenance, don’t take kindly to the idea, for it would mean that the golden goose will no longer lay eggs for them.

His father, who had guessed the colour of his son’s feelings  for his cousin Priyanka,  whisks Raghu off to his  uncle’s house soon after his arrival and the betrothal is fixed formally between the elders. For Raghuvaran, it was the fulfillment of a passionate desire that he had nursed since his boyhood; but his siblings react to the announcement with hostility, fight  tooth and nail against it and vow to sabotage it at any cost. Unaware of the turn of events, Priyanka who was working in the city, had pledged her heart elsewhere and was dismayed by the news.

She writes a letter to Raghu, disclosing the nature of her affections to another and beseeching him to withdraw from the alliance. The lines sounded the death knell to the dreams that he had built up over the years. He prepares himself mentally to do her bidding , but changes his mind on learning the identity of her paramour, Gopalakrishnan, a dyed-in-the wool villain. To save her from Gopalakrishnan’s clutches , Raghu goes ahead with his marriage plans…

A small compact canvas, painted over with a set of full blooded characters drafted from neighbours-next-door and driven by everyday emotions, Sindhooracheppu flows tranquilly at the pace of real life ,  beguiling with its very simplicity  and originality.

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