Sangeeta Mahayuddham Premieres on Surya TV on 5 July 2010

Sangeeta Mahayuddham Premieres on Surya TV on 5 July 2010, Produced by Saibaba Telefilms, it will be telecast every Monday to Wednesday from 8.00pm -9.00pm

Sangeeta Mahayuddham

Sangeeta Mahayuddham

Saibaba Telefilms Pvt Ltd, the television production company, the pioneer of music reality shows in India is proud to announce the launch of South India’s biggest music reality show, ‘Sangeeta Mahayuddham’ on Kerala’s leading channel, Surya TV. Saibaba Telefilms brings six well known music directors & singers as Captains on the same platform for the first time in the history of reality television in the South to challenge each other’s supremacy, each with a team of young talent. Starting July 5, 2010 on Surya TV the show will be telecast every Monday to Wednesday from 8pm – 9pm. Amul is the title sponsor of the show.

Hosted by the popular & talented actress Poornima, Sangeeta Mahayuddham aims to bring a new format in music reality shows in India, which is based on Teams rather than individuals. Eighteen finalists selected from the Mega Auditions at Kochi will be part of the six teams led by these six prominent Captains:

• Thrissur Tambrans will be led by Unni Menon (Sponsored by Tata Docomo)

• Kottayam Kings will be led by Chitra Iyer (Sponsored by Amul)

• Cochin Warriors will be led by George Peter

• Kozhikode Sultans will be led by Manjari

• Kannur Masters will be led by Sayanora

• Trivandrum Royals will be led by Vidhu Pratap

Sangeeta Mahayuddham

George Peter, Manjari, Chitra Iyer, Sayanora in Sangeeta Mahayuddham

Sangeeta Mahayuddham will last for a total of 14 weeks. Six teams, led by their own superstar Captains, battle it out in this weekly music competition. Each week, two Captains compete for the highest score in order to win. The Captains that do not compete judge the performances of the singers.

There are a total of three rounds – Jugalbandi, Solo & Medley – in each competition as the judges give the scores. The show takes place in a large studio with live audience watching the participants perform. The winner of each episode would be the team that scores the highest as per the judges’ scores.

Tune-in to Surya TV this Monday from 8pm – 9pm to catch the fun and exciting premiere of Sangeeta Mahayuddham as the six Captains take to the stage to perform with and introduce their respective teammates before the musical action begins.

6 Responses

  1. chitra says:

    very much disapointed to c such a music reality show..ashammed to c such a under standard program…..
    another thing judges are fighting each to scrore marks…this is not suitable 4 a gud program…

    we are watching as if its a comedy program….

  2. SANJAY says:

    I have never seen such unorganized, pathetic reality show in my life. I do not understand how Soorya TV is presenting this program??????
    I have seen lots of reality shows and never seen such low standard program.
    When we saw the initial advertisements about this show, we thought this will rock, coz, we have already seen the bollywood version of this show, “Amool Music Ka Maha Muqabla”. After the amazing performance of M Ka M M, we were eagerly waiting to see the kerala version of this program. But very sorry to say this is utterly flop and totally disappointed the viewers.
    Not even a single episode is yet upto the standard. Lots of problems like…
    1. Quality of singing is horrible. Some times we feel a street singer can sing better than the participants.
    2. Since the show is conducted in-front of live crowd, the quality of music systems are very bad.
    3. Unnecessary and baseless arguments between team leader. It looks like the show is based on the stupid arguments stunt and not the worthy music stunt.
    4. Immatured team leaders like Sayanora (literally crying in one episode for the less mark), Manjari, George Peter (less performance but more arguments).
    5. All the singers looks very unprofessionistic and untrained. The total credit goes to Team leaders only.
    6. Selection of songs are pathetic. The Jugalbandi is the worst one. Looks they just wants to finish the song as fast as possible and no sincerity towards the song.
    7. Huge difference in the marks given by the judges for the same song, which I never seen in any reality shows. It is quite understandable if the marks vary for 2-3 points. But shockingly in this show every time the marks vary upto 10-15 points.
    8. Above all the host, Poornima also very disappointing. Her voice quality is not suitable for anchoring a show ( what I feel, she has to see and learn from Ranjini -Idea star singer).

    Inshort this program is total flop and waist of time and money. Request to Soory TV that going forward pls thoroughly organize and ensure the quality of any reality shows before selecting. This I am saying because, I love this channel very much and lots of the program in the channel I love to see.


  3. arun says:

    its a rockng programme……bt one thng i notticed is manjari, captain of calicut sulthans has some probs wth george peter…..and she thnks shes d most efficient singer amoung all othrs,,,,,she should learn the patience and calmness frm vidhuprathap…..unni menon a real fucker……

  4. Shally says:

    It,s sickening to see the captains fighting for marks like a nursery children.Manjeri and Unni Menon with envy and jealous,what a shame and time waist surya TV. We R TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED .In future we expect more talented and skilled people as judges.Ilike synoras innoncents and George Peter,s open and sincere commands and chitras perfomance,Manjari and Unni Menon real scarps.

  5. V V Pradeesh says:

    In Surya TV Channel there is a programme called Amul Sangeetha Mahayuddam. The programme is good. All the compeitators are fine.

    However the anchor who anchored this programme ( Ms. Purnima Indrajith) is not at all upto the mark. No one can understand the pronunciation and even can not understand what she is saying.

    I have request to the producers of this programme that pls change this anchor and appoint a new anchor who can speak malayalam properly.

  6. Latha says:


    I always watch the show and its gud one and different from other reality shows. Poornima I think ur rocking in the show will all ur dressing, talking style and all, keep it up. One request to Arun naik, please sing sone Aisa lagta hai jo na hua…. in any of your episodes if u would like to sing for us.

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