Sandhyadeepam Mon-Fri at 06.30 PM IST on Amrita TV



Program Timing : Mon- Fri at 06.30 PM IST
Host : Romi Sreekumar
Producer : Manoj Manayil

Season Two of the highly watched  programme Sandhya Deepam is back, focusing on the core teaching of ancient scriptures.

Sandhya Deepam will feature experts and scholars who will share their knowledge about spiritual practice and include on location visits to individual homes and temples.

Sandhya Deepam takes a fresh look at the many devotional aspects of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage.

Broadly ,the programme consists of four segments:

The first segment is Namasankeerthanam, which is the sunset holy hour devoted to the lighting of puja lamps, the burning of incense and the singing of prayers and chants, an opportunity to savour devotional songs

The second segment is Bhajagovindam, which will be a recitation of the famous literary work Bhajagovindam

The third segment is Jyothirgamaya in which a  vedic scholar will enlighten viewers on Hindu mythology and culture–a wonderful opportunity to get detailed information on specific topics such as pujas, astrology and more.

The fourth and concluding segment of the programme will be Deeparadhana, filmed on location in historic temples.

Sandhya Deepam brings the sacred rituals and the divine visual flavour of actual pujas directly to the viewers to be enjoyed with the entire family in the comfort of their own homes.

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