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Petworld is a programme that draws us into the quaint world of pets, mankind’s friends from the animal kingdom and provides accurate and authentic information on the variety of pets, their characteristics, special needs, how much it costs to keep them, what they love to eat, how they should be taken care of.An anchor oriented show, it will be based almost exclusively outdoors with only the introduction being shot on the studio floors.

Since the day long centuries down history, when early man sought safety and comfort in the company of wild dogs, pets have been part and parcel of man’s life. Over time, new species have been brought under the label – from the common cat, rabbits, fish and birds to the more exotic white mice, hermit crabs, turtles, guinea pigs to weirder species like spiders and snakes. The purpose for keeping pets vary from the plain utilitarian, providing joy and amusement, acting as stress relievers who help to relax, but over and above all this pets make boon companions . Synonyms of loyalty, these dumb creatures sense pain and sorrow sooner than those of our own kind, often providing psychological crutches to lean on, when one is lonely and depressed.

The programme is divided into 3 compact segments : ‘My Pets’ in which pet owners introduce and talk about their bosom mates at length, includes ‘celebrity pets’- either pets who are the prized possessions of celebrities or animals who have attained celebrityhood in their own right ; ‘Pet Care’ in which prominent vetenarians will give tips on pet care; ‘Interesting Pets’ which gives amusing pet tales from the world over.

In the West, pets are so woven into their lives, there is a whole multi-billion dollar industry catering to them ; since it is still to take root in Kerala, expert advice is hard to come by. In this context, the show provides precise, relevant information on pets of every size and shape from aquatic to aerial – mammalian, reptilian, avian, piscine, or equine to pets owners. For, different species require different care; some are relatively easy to look after while others require round the clock ministrations.

For those who like pets but never thought of owning one, it nails home the advantage of having one and provides tips on choosing a pet that will suit one’s personality, bank balance and surroundings.

For those to whom pets are an alien concept, it is an eye opener, creating a sense of awareness for a world hitherto confined to the hinterlands of their consciousness.

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  1. BRONSON.SABU says:

    hi petworld,
    this is a program i usually watch..
    gr8 program….
    i do have many dogs and train them..
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  2. Sibi Thomas Keeppallil says:

    I am intrested to show my dogs in pets wourld.Please contact me 9496324790,

  3. jithin says:

    pet world is a nice program childrens also elders
    pet world is good
    pet world is beautiful
    pet world is mind freshing
    pet world is entertainment

  4. akhil says:

    i love the anchor of this programme more than my pets,and any one or any thing else.. her anchoring makes this programme wonderful.. she is too sexxxy..

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