Parunthu – Amrita TV Christmas Special Movie 2009

Parunthu - Amrita Tv Christmas Special Movie 2009

Produced under the banner of Dream Team Productions, Parunthu, directed by M. Padmakumar (who had earlier directed Ammakkilikoodu, Vargam and Vasthavam) has Mammootty playing the role of Purushottaman, called by everyone as ‘Blade’ Purushottaman or even ‘Parunthu’ (Eagle). Purushottaman is a financier who lends money on interest. But he is a heartless kind of financier who is bothered only about his interest and business and never cares for relationships, humanity or other things sublime. His ways are almost like that of an eagle, thus earning him the nickname ‘Parunthu’.

The only people close to Purushottaman are Mahendran and Kunjachchan. Mahendran, who had worked with financiers of all kinds, had finally lands up with Purushottaman and is now his right-hand man. But his problem is that he is always aftermoney and whenever there is the prospect of getting some profit, he does a bit of financing himself. Kunjachchan, who earlier worked for Purushottaman’s rivals, is now his most trusted associate.

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