Nammal Thammil Completes 700 Episodes in Asianet

Nammal Thammil in Asianet

Nammal Thammil in Asianet

Nammal Thammil Completes 700 Episodes in Asianet

The weekly talk show, hosted by the affable Sreekandan Nair, completes 700 episodes. Over the years the show has tackled incredibly diverse topics ranging from politics to mimicry. Through an intense debate between the panel and the audience, the show has given a forum not only to public officials and celebrities but also the common man too, to make his voice heard.

Asianet telecast’s “Nammal Thammil “ on every Saturday at 10.00PM

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  1. citizen says:

    Why don’t you bring out the problems of most misusing law in india. Faulty DV acts, 498A, 304b, honor killing etc… Govt of india promoting crime with its blind Domestic law. Which is against the indian constitution and INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS. It seems Govt. of India wants to break all families and CONVERT INDIA to a WORLD HUB for GAY SEX. After marriage brides family is allowed to do crime against grooms family members and relatives. After looting them their family members can kill own sisters then civil servants helps them to charge all crimes on grooms family including mother, sisters, elderly parents, and even on kids… Misuse of DV law in india is 98%.

  2. Pravin says:

    Sreekandan Nair does not know how to lead a discussion form. He believes he knows everything in this world. He will not allow any one to express their ideas. He will never respect others as he thinks that he is the only smart guy for hosting the show Nammal Thammil. We will lose our patience and endurance in 30 minutes.

  3. ANU says:


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