Midhun Wraps Up Title in Amtita TV’s Super Dancer-2 Finale

Midhun Super Dancer-2 Finale

Midhun Super Dancer-2 Finale

Midhun Wraps Up Title in Amtita TV’s Super Dancer-2 Finale

Midh swept aside the opposition, to tango his way to the title at the magnificent Grand Finale of Amrita TV’s Super Dancer-2 which will be telecast on  March 14th from 6.30 to 9.30 pm.

He took possession of the crown  and the rich haul of  Rs. 5 lakhs  that went with it  from cine actor and youth icon Kunchakko Bobban who was  the Chief Guest of the Finals. The 1st runner up  Sreejith pocketed his prize money of Rs.  3 lakhs from Jyothirmayi, while Reema Kallingal gave away the prize  of Rs. 1.5 lakhs to the 2nd runner up Dilshah.

The sultry Sunday evening was throbbing with pent-up excitement as the zero hour approached and the thrilling denouement of the premiere dance reality competition got under way.

In the dynamic encounter under the arc lights the finalists – Dilshah, Gayathri, Midh and Sreejith – surrendered body and soul at the alter of the Gods of Dance and gave the performances of their lives.

Watched over by the High Priestess of choreography, Kala Master and the Young Turk Prasanna Master, the four contenders  laid forceful claims on the crown with a series of astounding performance, each better than the next.

In the Solo round, Dilshah gyrated to the dulcet rhythms of the melodious Hindi hit ‘Ek Do Theen’ ; Gayathri chose a medley to give full rein to her talents; Midh started off with  his forte, a western  that blended into a contemporary dance mid way through ;Sreejith wowed one and all with his thunderous Shiva Thandava.   The Duet in which they paired up as couples, and the Group Round where all danced in tandem, were mesmerizing medleys.

In the absorbing tussle for the title  with none willing to give a quarter,  the combative Mith stood his ground with performances that outclassed the rest. When the judges declared their final verdict,  Midh had delivered  the coup de grace to the rest, to be installed as the next Super Dancer .

As Midh earned his  spurs in style, the Grand Finale which had unfolded like  a well choreographed dance, put the shutters on another well executed reality show from Amrita TV.

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