Kerala TV Channels Float New Forum – Kerala Television Federation

Kerala Television Federation

Kerala Television Federation

Television channels operating from Kerala have floated the Kerala Television Federation (KTF) for taking up the problems facing the sector. The federation was formed at a meeting of representatives of various channels held here on Tuesday.

The meeting elected K. Madhavan (Asianet) president, Ajay Vidyasagar (Surya) vice-president, and John Brittas (Kairali) general secretary. K.P. Mohanan (Jai Hind) and R. Sreekantan Nair (Asianet) are the secretaries. M.V. Nikesh Kumar (Indiavision) and S. Anil Kumar (Amritha) are the joint secretaries. Baby Mathew (Jeevan) is the treasurer.

A governing council comprising the heads of various channels will take policy decisions. Each channel will have two representatives in the federation. Common issues regarding channels will have to be taken up with the federation hereafter so that they can evolve a unified opinion.

The meeting decided to ensure social commitment in news and other programmes aired by the channels. KTF would be a common platform for the channels to exchange ideas on issues of compelling interest, none more important than the latest spat involving the Kerala Film Chamber, the apex body of film-makers.

According to the KTF, television as a medium continues to give maximum support to the Malayalam film industry. The channels pay up the maximum, i.e. as much as 40 to 50 per cent of production costs, while purchasing broadcasting rights.

No other vernacular film industry gets support like this, at least in south India. For instance, comparable support to films in Tamil Nadu amounts to no more than 10 to 15 per cent of the costs. Funds accruing in this manner to Kerala-based film-makers are enough to take care of the production overheads from production to distribution.

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  1. Pravin says:

    Srikandan Nair does not know how to lead a discussion form. He believes he knows everything in this world. He will not allow any one to express their ideas. We will lose our patience and endurance in 30 minutes.

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