Janasamksham on Amrita TV



‘Janasamksham’ is an election based programme, shot entirely on location in which all the candidates who are contenders for the parliamentary seat are brought together for a debate along with a moderator who introduces the candidates, initiates the discussion, steers it to the right topics and gives opportunities for everyone to have their say.

It is a moderated discussion conducted in each constituency, involving the contesting candidates of all the major political parties who are in the reckoning for the race to the Lok Sabha .and the general public, on matters of relevance to the electorate Into The Centre of The Proceedings

Since the ambience of the elections can never be conveyed from the environs of a studio, the programme goes to the heart of the action zone where the election proceedings are in full swing, to conduct the show against the backdrop of the electioneering fervor in each constituency.
Keeping Peace In The Verbal War

The show provides a forum in which the incumbent MP ,his adversaries and the voting public are brought together for a 3-cornered debate that focuses on what the elected representative had done during his tenure, the plans the challengers have in mind and developmental issues crucial to the constituency.

The MP paints a rosy picture of his years in office, backing his claims with a list of attainments, of promises delivered, of benefits reaped during his reign,; which are immediately repudiated by his rivals who cry foul and whittle down his achievements to size; witnessing this face-off are the patient majority who chip in with their views; the moderator keeps the discussion on the right track, directing it to specific issues & questions, deftly changing the subject when things get out of hand, pouring oil over ruffled feelings and always keeping it within the bounds of decorum .

Candidates Compared and Contrasted Besides presenting a quick, over head view of the problems besieging each constituency, the show helps to provide a character sketch of each candidate. The candidates cannot get away with evasive generalizations or bluster their way through with a ‘set piece’ but will have to have the facts at their tongue tips, for he will be challenged at every step ;in the midst of this battle, his real persona will emerge, and he will be judged on the strength, sincerity and factual depth of his responses.

The programme thus goes to the midst of the populace and brings together diverse viewpoints which helps the viewers to compare the calibers of all the contenders to the parliamentary seat and to piece together a complete picture of the issues confronting each constituency.

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