Hello Dubai Mon-Fri 11.30 P.M IST on Amrita TV

Hello Dubai

Hello Dubai

Program Timing : Mon – Fri \ 11.30 pm IST
Host : Raj Kalesh
Producer : Divya Kalesh

Hello Dubai is an exuberant exploration of a Dubai shopping Festival

Hello Dubai is a visual extravaganza exploring the wondrous world of  the Global village’s in  Dubai Shopping Festival; this program captures the unique, incomparable look and feel of the Middle East’s fastest growing city, Dubai.

In the first segment of the show Raj Kalesh , the popular foodie magician and anchor of Amrita TV leads the viewers through the backdrop of the Dubai Shopping Festival focusing on the wonderful atmosphere of the Festival itself. Next our anchor takes us for a visit to the  different Pavilions representing  different countries and cultures, we get an up close and personal feel for this fantastic shopping adventure, tasting foods, trying on clothes and testing a million accessories.

Hello Dubai also contains an element of enchantment, during our visits to the land of a thousand and one nights by featuring a live performance of thrilling street magic .

Each episode will try to unravel enterprising Malayalis behind the global village ; with impromptu magic in pavilions, Visitors,Quiz,etc

Join the fun feel the magic. Dubai is like no other city in the world. Here is a first hand way to see the splendor of its incredible diversity and exotic character without having to book an airline ticket!

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