Health Watch : Mon – Thu 2.30 pm on Amrita TV

Health Watch : Mon - Thu 2.30 pm on Amrita TV
Introduction – In spite of a good medical infra-structure, there is a lamentable lack of  correct information at the grass root level in the State. This inadequate medical knowledge not only makes them ill equipped to recognize critical conditions but also places them at the mercy of doctors who often treat the symptoms rather than the disease .

Besides, there are a lot of distorted views and misinformation doing the rounds, so that viewers have to sift through the information to separate the real facts

Researches prove that the public are hungry for reliable information on health ; their levels of retention of medical facts seen on TV are extraordinarily high.

Health Watch delivers sound advice on  health on a platter, helping the viewers to have a better understanding and greater say in their own medical treatment and also provides intelligent life style choices.

Health Watch is a programme that provides relevant, reliable and precise information on common ailments & their cures; maladies & their modes of treatment; diseases in the news & ways to tackle them and also offers handy tips on diet and exercise.

Format : Health Watch consists of  4 separate sections

Health Talk – is a discussion on a broad range of medical topics ranging from HIV to Health Insurance, featuring a prominent medical practitioner  from a particular field of specialty and an anchor who will ask leading questions that will touch upon all aspects of the topic. The studio-based  section will be spiced up by appropriate visuals and clippings of case studies that will highlight the points under discussion.

Health Capsule [ Marunnu Petti] – a 3 minute short bit that  encapsulates information rarely featured in usual health shows – details  of medicines and drugs that one usually keeps in a medicine chest by one’s bedside and turn to whenever one feels a bit under the weather, drugs such as paracetamol, mox etc which ensures a self-speedy recovery from common colds, nagging headaches, periodic flues – their dosage, effects, side effects etc; functioning of medical gadgets such as BP apparatus; applications and uses of medical equipments like CT,ECG,EEG Glucometer etc.

Health News – a studio based segment that gives correct medical updates  on ‘contemporary infections’, seasonal sicknesses such as Chickengunya, SARS, Dengue, Swine flu etc that rear their heads at specific times of the year- diet to be followed, precautions to be taken etc.

Health Tips – an exclusive outdoor segment that gives practical suggestions on healthy cooking,  which cut down on calories without comprising on taste; useful pointers on ideal diet that includes all that is nourishing while avoiding anything that harms the system; valuable hints on first aid which deals with everyday injuries as well as unexpected emergencies.; helpful  guidance on all elements of physical fitness  from aerobics to yoga that makes one as fit as a fiddle.

By giving a comprehensive overview of health, that covers both one’s state of  well-being as well as disorders of the body,  the show becomes a perfect ‘educator’ increasing over-all awareness about health, inducing changes in life style and putting one on the road to healthier ways of living.

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