Grand Finale of Amrita TV’s ‘Super Talent’ to have an Artistic Showdown

Super Talent

Grand Finale of Amrita TV Super Talent

Amrita TV’s one-stop reality show, the all-inclusive Super Talent enters its penultimate round this week before winding up into its Grand Finale on Sunday, the 12th of July.

Super Talent is a reality show that sought to extend the frontiers of the genre by offering a platform for presenting every inherent talent in a person; from the traditional singing and dancing to extraordinary abilities that don’t figure in conventional classifications of art.

Launched in December 15, 2008 Super Talent had over a hundred contenders displaying their abilities in mime, mimicry, magic, juggling, monoact, instrumental music besides dance and music. Five outstanding artists put in efforts of sustained excellence to enter the 11th round of the competition from where they will subsequently go on to the Finals.

The stage is now set for a scintillating showdown between the art forms of dance, magic and music, as they try to out perform each other on the final stage.

Preeth, the deaf-mute magician, who lives in an universe without sound, but can create worlds of illusion for others through his magic.

Model Beats the music band , who also dance to their own beat.

Rajesh & Team, whose contemporary dance combines acrobatic athleticism with traditional grace.

Rock-On, the all children team who took on the adult competition through their nimble numbers in cinematic dancing.

Govind, the violin virtuoso whose innocuous bow and a clutch of taut strings create heavenly music when they come together under his skilled fingers.

As Super Talent draws to its final conclusion, it remains to be seen which art will have the last word in the Grand Finale that will be telecast on the 19th of this month.

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