Four Finalists Step Into The Grand Finale of Super Dancer-2

Four Finalists Step Into The Grand Finale of Super Dancer-2

Grand Finale of Super Dancer 2

After minutely assessing the dancing proficiency, choreographic skills and improvisational talents of the competitors of Super Dancer-2  over many rounds, the Final Four have been selected on the joint basis the SMS votes and judges’ decisions.

As the Finalists emerge from the last eight, the picture of the final phase becomes  clear- Dilsha, Gayathri, Midh & Sreejith will take each other’s measure in the rounds to come in the three weeks prior to the Grand Finale.

The last level consists of 3 rounds : Self- choreography, Medley and Gender Change .

The dances of the previous levels had been carefully planned in accordance with the requirements of the rounds by expert individual choreographers. The Self choreography round lays bare the intrinsic dancing skills of the participants as they are required to choreograph their own steps without prior planning or professional assistance. Dressed in casual attire, the final contestants are allowed to listen to the song just once- before taking to the stage and dancing to its tune, improvising and modifying as they go along.

In the Gender Change round the competitors switch genders for a short while down to the costumes, hair style, make up and movements. The girls try out macho costumes, matching it with athletic and robust steps while the boys in skirts and long plaits become the personification of feminine grace and charm.

In the Medley Round that is designed to test the stamina, the contestants have to dance to a mix of songs that may be drawn from any language, consisting of a minimum of 3 songs with no limit to the maximum number. The song sequence which lasts for around 5 minutes should peak from slow melodies to fast rhythms, gradually increasing in pace and tempo .

After tackling the seventh and final round, the Four Finalists will pass on to the Grand Finale that falls on March 7th, where more exciting and exciting rounds await them.

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