Ente Vartha on Amrita TV

Ente Vartha on Amrita TV – Telecast Schedule : Every Sunday 10:30 pm

Ente Vartha

Ente Vartha

Citizen’s Reports

Citizen Journalists(CJ) will be encouraged to file stories on topical issues and those selected and validated will be aired .

Establish a platform for CJs to report on human interest, social impact and issue-based themes in an investigative news format

Ordinary people who have the CJ spirit in them will be motivated to file stories on a wide spectrum of general interest issues

Amrita TV’s News Division will validate these story proposals and assist the CJs to convert the accepted proposals into hard-hitting stories

In each episode, 3-4 stories will be reported covering a broad spectrum

The importance of ‘Ente Varta’ or ‘My Story’ lies in the fact that it supports the Vox Populi credo ,where a committed ,sincere,thinking person can be transformed from being a mute viewer to a responsible Citizen Journalist

Highlights: Amrita TV is building on the momentum created by its path-breaking reality show ‘Best Citizen Journalist’, and creating one more platform wherein numerous opportunities are being offered to CJs for Breaking News which is of immediate concern for its audiences

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  1. It is a very good platform encouraging public at large to bring out their reality stories.
    I would request that you should provide your e-mail ID to where “My reality Stories” be submitted or in other words, people should be educated first what you expect them to do and how the media will help them to achieve the objectives.

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