Easter Specials Programs 2009 in Amrita TV

Easter Specials From Amrita TV

Easter Specials From Amrita TV

Easter Specials From Amrita TV

On the occasion of Easter, universal symbol of the renewal of Hope and revival of Faith, Amrita TV puts together a special package to commemorate the resurrection of the Christ, on Sunday the 12th of April.

On Easter Sunday, Amrita TV pays a visit to the hallowed premises of an ancient church whose walls could tell many a tale, located in Fort Kochi – the Santa Cruz Basilica . Built by the Portuguese more than 500 years ago, elevated to a Cathedral in 1558, and proclaimed as a Basilica in 1984, this Roman Catholic Church is one of the most beautiful and impressive churches in India.

The Special Programme on Santa Cruz Bascilica to be telecast at 7.30 am on the 12th ,covers the centuries long history of the church which has been a mute witness to successive foreign incursions, the exquisitely beautiful architecture, its choir which sings in Latin, the parish which consists mainly of Anglo-Indians.

Jassi Gift is a composer-singer who literally burst on the film music direction scene with his compositions for ‘4 The People’; he became a sensation overnight with the number ‘Lajjavathiye’ rendered in his inimitable nasal voice. Jassi goes to church on Easter, where he composes and tunes a couple of songs on the spot and sings them in his own voice, to present a double treat for Amrita Viewers in An Easter Gift – from Jassi Gift’that will be on air at 11 am.

‘Visudhiyude Vazhitharayil’ is a programme on St.Alphonsa at 1.30 pm. St.Alphonse was the first Indian woman to be elevated to Sainthood. Amrita TV takes a trip to Kudamaloor to the home where she grew up, the Church where she took her vows to serve Christ, talks to the three sole surviving people who had known her and recreates her life through their memoirs, available photos to give an insight into the character of the Saint.

Famous character actor Lalu Alex spent last Easter on board the biggest and most expensive Luxury liner in the world, ‘Queen Mary’ on a trip from New York to the Bahamas. He recounts the thrill and excitement of the once-in-a-lifetime trip with the help of photos and film clippings in Queen Mary Easter Dinangal at’6.30 pm.

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