Dubai Dubai : – Fridays 11.00 PM [IST] on Amrita TV

Dubai Dubai : - Fridays 11.00 PM [IST] on Amrita TV
Dubai Dubai is an assorted  programme set in and around the emirate of Dubai,  that serves up a delectable mix of pure entertainment, useful information & cultural highlights. Telecast every Friday in the Middle East prime time slot of 9.30pm (UAE), & 11pm(India),  this half an hour programme is specially  packaged for the expatriates based in the Gulf.

Though Abu Dhabi is the capital, it is Dubai which is the cultural hub of the UAE. With a booming economy that is going great guns, Dubai is the fastest growing economy  in the world. Dubai prides itself as the City of  landmarks, boasting of the Burj  Al Dubai which will be the tallest building in the world when finished, the Burj Al Arab, the most expensive hotel, the Dubai Mall the biggest shopping mall in the world, etc .

Since it is the happening place where a dozen events are taking place at different spots in the city, even the expatriates living in the heart of  Dubai may not know what is unfolding at the other end .

Dubai Dubai , which  keeps him updated and on track of  the City of Gold Souks ,consists of 2 segments, one information oriented & the other entertainment based.

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