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Coimbatore Ammayi

Coimbatore Ammayi

Karunakaran, one of the two main protagonists is a sour, tight-fisted businessman whose vast wealth is matched only by his miserliness. Resentment at his widowed mother’s re-marriage which he considered as a disgrace, transforms him into a misogynist for life; his mother dies, leaving four young step-siblings to the care of this avowed bachelor. To make matters worse, his eldest step-sister elopes with her paramour, tarnishing the family’s image even further ; in the midst of his ‘family’, consisting of a dumb brother and two avaricious younger sisters and their children who love his swollen bank accounts more than him, Karunakaran leads a lonely, embittered life. His cup of woes overflows when the elder sister returns home after 2 decades, with a daughter in tow her husband having been murdered; the shock precipitates a massive stroke and he is at death’s door. His fond family who are waiting to get their hands on his money, are jubilant at his state and start the count-down to his final exit.

At this crucial juncture, a new character enters the scene – Visalakshi from Coimbatore, who claims she is the deserted wife of the dear departed. Now heir to Karunakaran’s millions, Coimbatore Ammayi generously divides it between his relatives . But undeserved wealth breeds greed and avarice, with deceit and treachery following close at its heels . Chaos reigns and Coimbatore Ammayi enters the scene once again to set matters right.

When the naïve and the cunning, the greedy and the gullible, the noble and the wicked are forced by circumstances to come together under the same roof, their interaction leads to stand-offs, conflict and confrontations, all of which provide rich fodder for dramatic development.Portraying slices of reality that are peopled by characters plucked from the real world, the serial throws back images of the very society from which it is drawn and of the ills plaguing it. Against the colorful tapestry of this family drama, Sreekumaran Thampi projects the importance of some basic human values that are fast disappearing from a society which is coming apart at its seams.

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