Cinema Karyangal: Amrita TV Unveils The Unknown Side of Films


Cinema Karyangal is a programme that dollies into the world of Cinema,  to take  a close look at aspects of Filmdom that have not been covered before in television – the Other side of the Silver Screen . It zooms in on the trials & tribulations  of junior artistes,  discloses some secretes of the magical world of special effects and  finally tracks to the Art house, the nursery which conceives and creates the mammoth movie sets & huge hoardings. To be launched  on December 27th it will be telecast every Sunday in the  morning.

Shot on actual locations in & around Kerala and Chennai, the show is hosted by an anchor who is a  veteran of the film fraternity and knows all the ins and outs of the movie business- Lal Jose.

We are lead to the dim alleyways behind tinsel town, to the faceless crowd existing  on the fringes of the celluloid world- the extras & junior artistes. These are star-struck youngsters who left home in search of fame n’ fortune but usually wound up as measily paid extras; probable scene stealers who are now just part of the scenery. Cinema Karyangal shows flashes of  their life after the HMV’s are turned off , the pain beneath the pancake and make-up –of stuntmen who became paralyzed, of dubbing artistes who lost their voice.

Next we are given inside information on the virtual reality in films- how the Hero bleeds convincingly by using squibs that rips through the clothing and spurts fake blood ; why guns that spits bullets never hurts anyone because it has been loaded with blanks;  crashes that uses cars that have been ‘doctored’ to do stunts. The last stop is the Art house that reveals the intricacies of set designing , an art that carefully creates the fully designed world of the entire film whether it is set,  back in history, in the futuristic space age or in  a fantasy land.

Cinema Karyangal shows us the intriguing technology that makes war scenes, gunshots & high falls seem so genuine; the craft of building sets that are more natural than the original; real life stories that are more poignant than reel life tales, thus capturing scenes which have never found a place in any script, any where before.

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