BIG 92.7 FM Trivandrum Presents Money Machine

Money Machine

Money Machine

BIG 92.7 FM Trivandrum in continuation to its 1st Anniversary celebrations presents Money Machine, a highly interactive, addictive and highly engaging on-air contest which will reward its lucky listeners with pots of moolah beginning 29th January 2009.

The Money Machine contest will be played during the BIG Morning show hosted by RJ Kidilam Firoz between 7.00 – 11.00 am every weekday. The procedure is one that is extremely simple. Listeners have to SMS to 55454 and register themselves for the contest. Post which the RJ will pick listeners randomly and play the contest with them. Money Machine contest is of a simple format involving a computerized voice rattling amounts of money in increasing value, each amount separated by 5 seconds of silence (Rs.100…..Rs.250…..Rs.500…..Rs.1000…. Rs.2000 etc). The twist in the contest is the Bomb, which is planted between any two amounts. The caller has to compete with the bomb and say ‘stop’ before the bomb explodes. However if the bomb explodes before the caller can say ‘stop’, the player loses everything.

Speaking about the initiative Mr. Priyesh Prathap, Station Head, BIG 92.7 FM, Trivandrum said, “We have received tremendous support from the city of Trivandrum and what better way than to thank them by getting them to win in cash. The contest format ensures that maximum number of our listeners get chance to try their luck. ‘Money Machine’ is highly engaging and addictive and we are confident that it will create great excitement for our listeners.”

The contest is spread over six days where in one winner will be selected and will be rewarded. So hurry up and tune in to BIG 92.7 FM and you might just get lucky to walk away with cash.

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