Bhagavad Gitayiloode Every Sunday 7.00 PM On Amrita TV

Bhagavad Gitayiloode

Bhagavad Gitayiloode

Bhagavad Gitayiloode tries to translate the eternal wisdom of the incomparable Bhagavad Gita to suit the practical needs of modern life. Gita’s relevance in management of conflicts, relationships and issues in the workplace Insight from the Gita to handle family relations, spouses, children, interpersonal family dynamics Gita’s approach to contemporary issues Prominent personalities from different walks of life and different religions, both Indian and foreign, narrate the the Gita’s ‘defining’ influence on their lives

Dr.N..Gopalakrishnan,Founder of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage does the interpretation The Gita is recited by Murali Puranattukara; and renowned Kathakali exponent Ettumanoor Kannan renders it into dance

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